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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. No idea but I'm sure they would have given you those instructions when they asked for it??
  2. Usually police certificates are requested in original.
  3. For file transfers do you folks receive an email or an update in GCKEY?
    I tried calling IRCC the only thing they will say is "check gc key for updates".:mad:
  4. You’ll get an email! Did you ask them about your secondary visa office? @av24
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    I, the sponsor, received an email about the file being transferred. My VO is warsaw and they also sent an email for AOR2 however not all VO's do that.
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  6. Hi Rafzy,
    I called the CIC and all they said that the application was "in process", and the next step will be file transfer, no timeline was gives just that its still in process.

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  7. Kindly share your timeline... I am in the same boat... no news on file transfer....
  8. thanks. i didnt ask explicit for 'secondary visa office' but asked if my file has been transfered the agent never gave a clear answer and kept insisting on i should check gckey that is real time.
    but basing from that the answer seems to be a no, so more waiting...
  9. Does anyone think like me: may be all the immigration officers are on summer vacation, so we should let them relax and come back happy so they process our cases faster. Just a thought!!!
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  10. In my case i applied april 16 2019 i had additional document because i work abroad. i got my pre arrival services last july 10 2019. everything are all done. Medical,biometrics,additional documents. but here's the thing my sister's in law husband applied april 26 2019 then receive his COPR and pre arrival services last july 25 2019. Me and my wife is kinda bothered what just happened in our application. Can u give me you insight in this.BTW outland from the Philippines. and my documents transfer to Manila VO. but the husband of my sister in law just got the email from mississauga.
  11. Cases must be different in some way. Mississauga is really fast and apparently for very easy apps. I hear Manila is slower than other VO's. Sorry ..I know the waiting sucks. I've been envious of these Mississauga outcomes as well
  12. Hi Friends,
    Need your inputs on the below.

    We have a plan to travel to Montreal(Quebec via road) when i had my Visiting Visa. However, i got my COPR in meanwhile and now, i have to land in Montreal if i do not have to cancel our Trip.
    However, my COPR has city of destination as Toronto, Ontario.

    I have read in various forums saying that except Quebec we can land in any other province( Does this rule holds good even if we are landing via road). We are staying in New jersey now, planning to drive and land in Montreal. Would that be fine or is it safe to land in Ontario only( i mean other than Quebec).

    Please let us know your advice.

    Thanks in advance
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    It wouldn't matter whether by land or air. So, if you've read that Quebec is different, it is probably different and you would want to cross in another Province. Having said that, I haven't read anywhere that Quebec is any different . Apparently it could be a minor hassle to land somewhere other than what is stated on your COPR but completely OK. Doesn't your letter, specifically identifying Toronto tell you what your options might be?
  14. Why do you need to compare your application to your sister's in law? and why are you bothered? You know that processing time is 12 months right? Their file was never moved to MVO and yours was, it needs more time for processing, maybe something in your application needs more investigation, hold on tight and good news will come soon.
  15. yes i understand ..maybe they are double checked my police background since i worked in different countries..hopefully they have good news coming up

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