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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. any transfer email you received ?
    my application received as well on 23 rd april, all done just did nt get the email for transfer yet ?
  2. What is your timeline ?
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  3. What is your timeline ? Did you try calling CIC to inquire about your file transfer ?
  4. Same here. April applicant. File transferred to VO and awaiting CSQ. No medicals yet. I thought i was the only one but i guess it's normal.
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  5. He’s Indian citizen but living in ireland from last 14 years.
  6. i havent got any email regarding transfer or any other email updates.
    what do you mean by all done? did you got your PPR?
  7. When was the last update? I mean when did you pass medical?
  8. no ,all done means medical done ,sa done and biometric done
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  9. last update was on 25th june,2019 for biometrics ,medical passed on 25th june as well and got update on ecas
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  10. AOR- 23rd April 2019

    SA, BM and Medical approved... No updated after 1st July 2019...
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  11. Haven't received any notification of file transfer.. it seems case is stuck up in Sydney as of now...
  12. April 18th applicant .
    PA : Bangladesh
    AOR 1, SA, BIO,FT in July
    waiting for MR. gosh how long do we have to wait???
  13. I received request for additional information from the DAR VO , proof of communication between us ( we are years common law ).

    I need help as I lost my old contact and WhatsApp chats, but also main importantly we have never lived apart from the time we met. We are always in the same place apart from occasionally texting when out of the house.

    There was no need to have long call logs etc.

    How should I address this? Please help
  14. Biometric metric was done on 9th July. Medical was done before and sponsor approval aswell. But there has been no update after 9th July.
  15. I'd suggest you to call CIC as they are able to update you about the latest progress on your file. I dont know if LVO sends out AOR for file transfer.

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