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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by LightRose, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Let me be more appropriate...

    Hi people, I am very glad I found this forum. I went through it briefly when we were organizing everything but didn´t find it later.
    Here are our dates:

    Application Submission: April 5th, 2019
    Application Received: April 10th (guessing)
    Acknowledgement of Receipt:
    Medical Completion: I made one for my visitor visa extension, I hope we can re-use it
    Sponsor Eligibility Approval:
    PR Approval:

    Good luck to us all!
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  2. Hey guys i have a question let. My application was received April 8th, so according to excel spreadsheet updates I'm expecting my AOR sometime this week.

    Since I filled common law inland, do I need to attach my Indian criminal record with the application or can I send it/update it later online too? I attached a letter of explanation in the application saying my police verification is under process.
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  3. But guys I dont understand how people without AOR can enter in their status to see , I was reading from previous months with application nr , but where do they get that application nr ???
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  4. Anyone received AOR today ?

  5. You can link using UCI if you have it for the PA, from previous application such as visitor visa, work or student.

    With other info that you have written in the application like:, where does PA entend to live, and the applicants are 2 not 1
    Keeping a space after what you enter such as : last name, passport #, etc.
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  6. We finally just received our AOR !! Thank God. I will update the spreadsheet but I’m so relieved I was worried that they will send it back for any kind of reasons. Now we need to find a way to link it.

    Application Submission: 08-04-2019
    Application Received: 10-04-2019
    Acknowledgement of Receipt: 22-05-2019
    Medical Completion:
    Open Work Permit Approval:
    Sponsor Eligibility Approval:
    PR Approval:
  7. Congratulations!
  8. Congratulations :)
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  9. Hello everybody, I successfully linked my application to my online account, but I haven’t received an email with AOR, I don’t really know what this means. I’m sorry for this silly question, but I don’t have idea. Thank you.
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  10. Did you apply for Open Work Permit as well? How long does it actually take after receiving AOR to get an OWP?
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  11. I am happy for both of you. :)
    Let's hope to receive more good news!
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  12. Did you link it to the Sponsor account or the PA account?
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  13. Yes we did, from what I read it should take roughly between 5-7 days to get the approval and 5-10 days to get it in the mail unless they request medical first. Some people were requested to do medical first before getting the OWP
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