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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by tiarachel85, May 4, 2018.

  1. You are almost there! I am June applicant and same situation as you, no updates since February after medical check. CIC say 1-2 months after 12 months is usual, everything is good and processing, that’s what matters. :)
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  2. What does it says about security?
  3. I cleared security I think, that's what the agent also told us. Just criminality is pending...That has been pending since Jan 28th...
  4. When you call them does it say they are reviewing your eligibility? Or does it say they have not started your eligibility yet?
    If your wife got her SA in Feb means did they start reviewing your eligibility since Feb?
  5. Any news on your end after SA?
  6. They didn’t started yet, they said they’re waiting for the results of Background check.
    They marked they’re currently reviewing my eligibility but haven’t started yet as they mentioned.
  7. Is anyone still stuck on background check?
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  8. Here I am, I’m still stuck on BG Check
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  9. still stucking and it has not even start the eligibility
  10. Same
  11. Same.. still processing background check. However they are doing eligibility since feb 2019..
  12. Hi can someone please share their experience what exactly happened on landing interview i am little bit of curious and how we get the actual PR card or they just going to give us the COPR on interview day ?? I m little confused pls help
  13. Hi Harman12 on Landing appointment/ interview first you have to register to the receptionist and show your invitation letter and all documents requested, then he will give you a number for you to wait once your number called go to the window, present all the documents stated on the invitation letter and the immigration officer would asked you some questions like have you ever been committed crime or deported in Canada? When is your first entry in Canada?When is your last entry in Canada? And also the sponsor must show his/her valid identification with address on it and the immigration officer would ask some questions too or just confirming that the sponsor responsibility and after less than 10mins you’re done the Immigration Officer will congratulate you and explain the benefits of being a PR. In Etobicoke the Service Canada is also in the same bldg so after your interview the Immigration officer would tell you to go there to change your SIN number and you can get right away your new permanent SIN number, the IO Will give you a copy of a printed COPR with the validity so you can use it as an identification when needed. They will mail to you the actual PR card (1-8weeks waiting or more) but on the IRCC website the current waiting period for the new PR card is only 13 days. Hope it help you a little bit. Congrats!
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  14. @Calm2019 thanks for the response it helped me a-lot just one thing more do u have any idea if we can mail our PR card to a different address as on our ID's because i just recently moved to a new address and i dont have a mail access here so i was wondering if they can mail my PR card to my Lawyer address that would be great
  15. When is your landing? Call IRCC hotline to inform them about your new address and don’t you worry because during your landing the Immigration Officer will be confirming your address based on the identification or proof of address of your sponsor so make sure to bring sponsor’s proof of address it could be lease agreement etc. You can ask your lawyer to advise IIRCC via email if still have time but it’s better to inform IRCC too as soon as possible calling them is more faster than online update coz it happened to me changing of address is a month before it appears the changes online.

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