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Application Status

Discussion in 'Education' started by Nick1808, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. I applied my Visa on 28th of June 2019.
    My Biometrics was done on 3rd July.
    It was a SDS module.
    Medical done before applying to visa.

    Now the question is,

    How would I get to know
    Whether my medical is passed or not
    Will there be any update in application,
    It's showing the same thing that we do not need your medical exam if in case we need we will let u know
  2. Their website in this case is not up to date most of the time. I will keep saying the same thing. they will send you an email when they need your biometrics. Most probably they will update about your medical when they will requet for bio metrics
  3. My biometrics is done it's updated too on 3rd July,

    The question is medical status is still showing the same thing that you do not need if we need will let u know,

    If I want to know medicalwhether my got cleared or not,how will I know
  4. After 6 months you can apply for the notes on your application . When you login to your application there is an option for this. cost $5 CAD.
    • Your application was approved. You need to send us your valid passport to finalize your application. Check your messages below for details.

    What does it mean? My Visa got accepted

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