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Application status changed from "In process" to "Application Received"? explain?

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by ImPerplexed, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. Nothing changed when clicking at "Application received" though. It is still listing only step 1 "we have received your application on..."

    The only thing that's changed is that it went from "In process" to "Application received". Can someone please tell me what's going on?
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  2. Good, they start working on your file and you application is complete.

  3. But isn't this a step backwards? Isn't it supposed to go from Application received to In process and not the opposite like what happened to mine?
  4. These statuses are sometimes updated on time and other times they are delayed so the ECAS is not very reliable source of information. It is kind of internal glitch, just wait.
  5. Hello there,

    The same issue happened with my application recently, (Application Received) > Then to (In Process)> Then backward step to (Application Received)!
    Any updates with your case?

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  6. May I ask when you submited the application? Have you received any update since March? Thank you so much!
  7. May I ask when you submited your application?
  8. When I open the cic website:

    "We received your application for permanent residence on June 1, 2017."
  9. Not sure why, usually it can not be this quick...
  10. Good day. I am newbie here.I applied my Pr through paper based application. My status is in process applied in March 2017, I got married and added my spouse application to my file in January 2018, I called CIC and he got added to my file after 2 weeks I submitted his file. But this morning I check my application status and it changed suddenly from “in Process” to “Application received”.Is it good or bad.I will really appreciate if someone could help me in this.Thank you.
  11. Hi Is there any update regarding this status changed? I just check my online status and it suddenly change from
    In Process to application received.Thank you
  12. Even my Application Status has been changed from "in Process” to “Application received” in last week, but not sure if its good or bad
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  13. Same thing happened to me.

    My eCAS, on sponsored side (Permanent Residence Application Status) changed to "In process" from "Application Received" and on sponsor's side (Sponsorship Application Status) changed from "In process" to Application received". No messages when I click. Nothing has been changed on MyCIC account either.

    I hope is a good sign
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  14. Hi do you have an update regarding your status?
    Thank you.
  15. Hi,

    No, I don't have any changes since then.
    I got my GCMS notes yesterday and I saw that Criminality is in process and security will be soon and eligibilit as well.
    I am guessing that at the end of the month I ll have an update for my status.

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