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Application rejected, Work Permit expires 15th Oct 2018

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by asd1985, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for answering that.
    Yes this wont happen, i had this conversation with my employer today. This is a 3 -4 month process so yeah, bad luck.
  3. Here's hoping the next draw is on or before the 15th of October!
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  4. Fingers crossed for you brother!!
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  5. Yes - it's a very long process. I was hoping they may have started months ago and you were closed to the finish line. If not, that's a no go. The advertising requirement alone takes a month to complete.
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  6. Whatever happens, i'll keep everyone posted. Hopefully, people in the future can learn from my mistake. I'm about to lose a unionized, full time , permanent 80k + job over a technicality.
  7. One of the immigration lawyers i talked with suggested filling out the CIC webform (once i get the new AOR) and explaining my situation, before my BOWP file gets opened. I know you can do this with change of address or updating your IELTS score. Seemed like a last ditch effort.

    Could this possible work?
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  8. Yeah i think so, just hope the BOWP person have a good heart lol. Its just upto discretion of the officer, so you never know.
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