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Application rejected, Work Permit expires 15th Oct 2018

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by asd1985, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for answering that.
    Yes this wont happen, i had this conversation with my employer today. This is a 3 -4 month process so yeah, bad luck.
  3. Here's hoping the next draw is on or before the 15th of October!
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  4. Fingers crossed for you brother!!
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  5. Yes - it's a very long process. I was hoping they may have started months ago and you were closed to the finish line. If not, that's a no go. The advertising requirement alone takes a month to complete.
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  6. Whatever happens, i'll keep everyone posted. Hopefully, people in the future can learn from my mistake. I'm about to lose a unionized, full time , permanent 80k + job over a technicality.
  7. One of the immigration lawyers i talked with suggested filling out the CIC webform (once i get the new AOR) and explaining my situation, before my BOWP file gets opened. I know you can do this with change of address or updating your IELTS score. Seemed like a last ditch effort.

    Could this possible work?
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  8. Yeah i think so, just hope the BOWP person have a good heart lol. Its just upto discretion of the officer, so you never know.
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  9. Update: This ^^ was incorrect. I got my BOWP extended last week, while being on implied status, even though my PR application was rejected. Bumping my comment here as i know many people will come across this situation in the future.

    Also, most agents don't know shit. They make money by using your lack of knowledge about the subject.

    A) Your BOWP application wont get rejected , just because the associated PR application got rejected. Ideally, try to apply for PR again asap and fill out IRCC online form to explain this update to them.
    B) You can apply for PR while being on implied status. Period.
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  10. I can remember reading ur case a couple of weeks back. Glad it worked out well at the end
  11. Thank you! It was stressful to say the least. Now, here's hoping i get the PR this time.
  12. Hi guys, first off congrats asd1985 for your BOWP. I have a question if anyone can give some advice:

    My Post-grad work permit expires Jan 4th, 2019 but my 1-full year of canadian employment would be completed on January 29th, 2019. So there is a gap of approx 3 weeks. My employer is willing to file an LMIA application for me and they advertised the job on December 6th, 2018.
    The full 30-days for the advertisement would be completed on January 5th (my work permit expires on Jan 4th). I know that we need to provide proof that LMIA has been applied WITH the work permit application which needs to be on January 4th at the latest but the 30-day advertisement period completes on Jan 5th. Any suggestions advice would help!

  13. I am so glad for u!!!! you are right..most agents and officers are of no use.
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  14. Thanks!
    Your case is as unique as mine was, so you might be better served if you create a new thread perhaps.
    Good luck!
  15. It's not just the advertising that has to be completed before your employer can apply for the LMIA. They have to evaluate the applications, interview potential applicants, and then make a determination that there is no Canadian who can do the job. Then they can submit an LMIA application.

    So, in other words, it will not be possible for your employer to submit a valid LMIA application in time to allow you to keep working under implied status. You will likely either have to change to visitor status, orleave Canada while the LMIA and work permit applications are pending.

    What is your country of citizenship? You could look into IEC permits, it may be a faster way to come back and start working than waiting for the LMIA (But the LMIA, if approved, will allow you to claim 50 pts for a valid job offer...)
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