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Application is approved but waiting for PPR/Landing Interview mail

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by mayanky2m, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Hi All,

    This thread for all the people whose application is approved but still waiting for PPR mail or Landing Interview mail.
    My timeline is as follows:
    AOR- 8th Oct
    MEP - 27th Nov
    ADR - 20 Nov (Submitted on 22 Nov)
    ADR status to NA - 1st April - Got to know my application was approved on the same day.
    Now waiting for PPR
    VO - Edmonton
    I live in Toronto so I am expecting landing interview mail for Etobicoke that could be possible reason of delay of my application. Please share your experience so that we can know how much time should we wait for the PPR/Landing interview mail.
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  2. Your timeline is very similar to mine:

    AOR- 5th Oct
    MEP - 2nd Nov
    ADR - 2nd Nov (Submitted on 9th Nov)
    ADR status to NA - 9 April - Got to know my application was approved on the same day.
    Now waiting for PPR
    Stream: ON PNP
    I live in Toronto as well.
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    AOR: Oct 25th
    MEP: Nov 28th
    Ghost Update: Apri 5th
    Called CIC on April 8th, was told application completed.
    CEC Inland
    Primary VO: Calgary Secondary VO: Vancouver
    Waiting for PPR
    I live in Toronto.
  4. It would be really better if someone, who knows his Security pass date and received Landing interview mail, provide his timeline here. If you all know any such timeline please provide the info.
  5. Seems like there is a long wait time at Etobicoke office as my friend got landing mail on 20th for 1st April interview. However he doesn't know the application approval date.
  6. Aor 9th, CEC, waiting for golden email
    Ghost update: Mar 6
    File approved: Apr 5
    Visa office: Edmonton
    Live in Toronto
  7. Hey I also called cic yesterday 9th April
    Agent said I had passed all the stages and file is transferred to final visa officer last week.
    What does that mean?? My application is approved already or visa officer will also check something again or give approval directly
    My AOR is 24 th oct
    Medical passed 24th Nov
    IP2 - 14 December
    And called cic yesterday and got the above info
  8. There is a last approval step where visa office will approve the file. However that just triggers PPR mail or lading interview mail.

  9. Is there any chance of rejection at this stage
  10. I think that there are very rare chances of rejection at this stage.
  11. @mayanky2m @nessa.aline , I am about to submit my application in a couple of days. Just wanted to know what additional documents were requested. Is it very common that additional documents are requested? Also which stream did you guys apply in ? I am going to be a CEC inland applicant.

  12. Pasting my timeline from the Oct 2018 AOR thread:
    Stream: CEC
    AOR: Oct 6
    MEP: Sometime in Nov
    1st ADR: Nov 7 (request for RCMP check for dependent, uploaded it within a week)
    2nd ADR: Mar 1 (request for Common Law document with newer signature, uploaded it within a week)
    Ghost update: Late March sometime, 2-3 weeks ago, maybe the 18th when security was passed? (status "Updated" but no change to profile details when logged in)

    Called CIC today (Apr 10), got through after 3 attempts. If you get hung up on due to volume, just try again in an hour or so...
    Results of the call: Agent was super helpful and friendly. All stages passed including eligibility and security, just waiting for final decision. Security pass date on Mar 18. No file notes to indicate why the delay, but I would guess because of ADRs. Visa office is Edmonton.

  13. I think mine timeline is also similar to urs I also called yesterday but agent didn’t tell me that it’s approved
    She said all stages passed and file transfered to main visa office and waiting for their approval..

    So I dont understand whether it’s approved or not

  14. Little bit confused because some candidates are saying their file is approved from 1 April or so but why they didn’t get email if it’s approved by final visa officer

    Or they are also waiting for final visa officer approval
  15. The adr for my case was schedule A form which you cant provide with application. However many inland applicants are asked to provide Canada PCC. So you can submit that along with your application.

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