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Application for Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by bjunior2001, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. I am looking for the application form for a Temporary Resident Permit due to a criminal conviction for DUI in the United States (United States Citizen). I cannot locate a form on the Canadian Government website or the website of the Canadian consulate in the U.S. I pride myself on my research abilitiies, but cannot seem to find any information about what form to file and how to get the form.

    Any help would be much appreciated!
  2. Hi

    1. You can't find it, because it is not posted on line.
    2. To apply follow the instructions here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/inadmissibility/permits.asp
  3. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    I have seen this page. Because I live in the US, I tried to contact the visa office and consulate to see if they require a separate application, as instructed by the page you linked. The problem is that the visa office said I had to contact the consulate and the consulate won't take telephone inquires and does not respond when I (repeatedly) email.

    So it looks like what I need to do is to send in the Temporary Resident Visa Application along with the checklist and then try to clarify that I'm seeking the TRP not the TRV?
  4. The application form is IMM5708(02-2014)E. In Question 3, you will check the box to indicate that you are seeking an initial TRP. If you search around CIC's website you'll find it.

    Just out of curiosity, how old is your DUI and are you close to a border crossing? There may be a faster way.
  5. I believe that form is only applicable if you are already in Canada, not for an initial application to a visa office.
  6. Oops, you're right. My mistake.

    Still interested in knowing how old his conviction is. An application for Criminal Rehabilitation made at a point of entry would be faster and have a better chance of succeeding, assuming he's eligible.
  7. hey

    i am in the spot you were in regarding the trp. did you end up applying? i seem to be having trouble finding the appropriate forms.

    originally i was confused and completed all the trv info then discovered i need the trp!
    i found the form online that the other person referred you to but that is only for people currently in canada so i cannot enter the correct address info. this is such a stressful situation and any help is appreciated.
  8. Hi all,

    I know this an old thread, but rather than making new one I thought to post my question in here.

    I would like to apply for TRP (due to DUI in Canada) + New work permit, I’m not sure about:

    Compiling reason (will declare: I have stable job, wife and Canadian born child)
    What are the chances of getting TRP approve?
    And couldn’t find any timeline for TRP, has anyone gone through the TRP experience?

    Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.
  9. I just successfully applied for TRP thru the mail/online.

    follow these instructions/Include all these things in your packet to send to the Canadian Consulate:

    1. Download/print/fill out the form IMM 1444 (application for criminal rehabilitation) "www cic gc ca/english/pdf/kits/forms/IMM1444E.pdf"

    2. Check the "FOR INFORMATION ONLY" box (sec A part 2)

    3. On top of the first page of the form just write on it "TRP"

    4. Photocopy of your Passport/Birth Cert/Drivers Lic, (really only need passport)

    5. Compelling letter written by you or someone who can write a nicely worded proper letter. This letter must explain why you are not admissible, the details of your arrest/conviction, your explanation for why you not a threat to society, your good reason for coming to Canada, and the time/dates you'll be there.

    6. Copies of Any paperwork related to your conviction/sentence/fees paid/court docs/rehab completed/... basically official court docs showing what/when you were convicted of and the sentence imposed and anything that says you completed sentence/rehab.

    7. Copy of your itinerary with your Canadian trip. This can be a print out of your schedule, what hotels your staying at, your airline ticket info, addresses of where you'll be staying, where you'll be crossing the border etc... as much info as you can give.

    8. between 1 and 3 character references. Write a nice letter saying what normal responsible individual you are and have a boss or co worker or friend sign it. Look up character reference letter. They ask for 3 letters, I gave 1 letter and 2 references the could contact.(they did not)

    9. PAY THE FEE! It cost $200 Canadian dollars to process this. The fee can be paid online and then you print out a receipt. You must provide the internet receipt with a bar code on it. The most common reason for returned form is incorrect fees. "www cic gc ca/english/information/fees/index.asp"

    10. Copy of the Canadian law you broke - look it up online and print it out, it will help your agent process your paperwork.

    I asked them to make my TRP good for all year but they only made it valid for the time I showed on my itineraries, so unless you have proof of your travels for all year they may only make it good for the duration you can account for.

    I have gotten a TRP at the border before but it takes hours, and the border agents always say i should have taken care of it before hand. Generally you can get one at the border, I think they will turn you away only if you're a jerk or a really violent criminal.

    From the time they received my packet at the consulate to when I got the email from them saying it was approved was 6 business days. I was very surprised by how fast the response was. The agents told me the average process time is 10 business days.

    You can also include a return envelope in the packet so they can return correspondence to you quickly with no email. I included a pre paid express envelope with tracking, but they just emailed me the letter... waste of envelope

    Put all this in a big envelope and send it to the Canadian Consulate: Immigration section. Depending on what part of the US you live in, I live west coast and I sent mine to the L.A. consulate office:

    Immigration Section/Canadian Consulate
    550 S. Hope Street, 9th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90071
    re: Application for Temporary Resident Permit

    Provide your email address on the form and they will email you a letter that you take to the border with you and your all good!

    The TRP process is similar to the rehabilitation process but you don't have to include all of the really difficult documents that take months to get like an FBI report and local police clearance etc... 5 years after your sentence completion you are eligible for Canadian "Rehabilitation" which means you wont need TRP ever again and you can come and go freely. Rehabilitation is a lengthy semi expensive process that takes months to get and lots of paperwork.

    Check out "www cic gc ca/english/pdf/kits/forms/IMM5507E.pdf"
    also "www cic gc ca/english/information/applications/guides/5312ETOC.asp"
  11. Thanks for the detailing the process. I am wanting to apply for TRP from a DUI from 3 years ago. I am looking to get a TRP that will enable me to enter/leave Canada multiple times for as long a duration as possible, ideally 2 years until I am eligible for rehab status(i read they can grant a trp for up to 3 years, although tricky to get). I work in the film industry and so I don't have stable work in Canada at the moment, opportunities can arise on short notice and I don't want to jeopardize them by not being certain if I can get into the country or not. I spoke with some immigration lawyers in Canada that said they can put a "package" together for me to apply with at a border but will cost a good chunk of $$$. They advised against applying through the consulate because of wait time and advised it's best to go to a border crossing. Your wait time, adamwalden, seemed quite brief though and want to follow the same steps you did. Do you think it's possible to get a longer windowed TRP, maybe even 6 months - 1 year at least? Is it best to mail in, you mentioned an online option? Is that on the CIC website? Thanks!
  12. I don't believe TRPs are designed to allow multiple entries (i.e. it's a one time entry document). However I could be mistaken...
  13. I think TRP is to solve the inadmissibility, beside that you would need to have multiple entries TRV; the length of that TRV is based on the duration of the TRP.
  14. Thanks a bunch adamwalden, much appreciated.

    My Parents received 5 year ban for Misrepresentation, can you or anyone having expereince please help,

    ----- if they apply for TRP the issue is they need to obtain Visa so in this case do they have to fill both application forms i.e

    1) IMM1444E.PDF >> i will check (For Information Only)
    2) IMM5257E >> TRV Form

    And with Visa are there any chances they get multiple entry permit?

    Thanks again for the help
  15. Thank you AdamWalden for the helpful info. Can you please tell me how long the approval process took?

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