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application for canadian visa (PR) - child with mild autism

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by dckcrz, May 8, 2014.

  1. Good day everyone, please kindly give us any idea of our situation should there is anyone has the same issue...

    my spouse is in canada and already nominated under AINP..we already took the med exam on aug 2012.our 9 y/o son has mild autism..

    on feb 2013, the immigration has required us to submit further med info in relation to my son's condition..we immediately complied to their requests and submitted the ff (i.e. psychologist report for iq level, school reports for his school standing/status).

    on july 2013, the immigration replied and, required us to submit another requirements (medical condition, social services ,individualized plan, signed letter of ability and intent) in which we accomplished and immediately submitted to their office..

    on oct 2013, they replied and sent us "procedural fairness" letter including submission of the ff (developmental pedia report, psycho test, school report, TB exam)..again, we immediately complied and submitted the results and reports of the said requests to the immigration office..

    on jan 2014...the immigration replied and again, requiring the submission of documents same to july 2013 (medical condition, social services ,individualized plan, signed letter of ability and intent)..we complied and submitted these requirements

    we are now waiting for their reply.. i would just like to know what will be the status of our application? what is the chances for its approval?
    God bless and thank you in advance, for any feedback and updates.
  2. Hi there, we are in the same situation. I am also a AINP nominated and get a fairness letter last year of November 2013 due to my son's developmental delay. I seek the help of a lawyer and she did all the proposed plan and we submitted all the medical opinions, assessment from the doctor back home and the school reports last march 2014 thanks God my ECAS says medical results have been received since last month. I am just waiting for our decision made. Keep on praying. Don't worry God will make a way when there seems to be no way :)
  3. hello, i'm glad to hear that we're almost in the same situation..at least we can share ideas as well as the status of our application, when did you conducted your medical exam? we have our med exam last aug 2012..so our application is almost 2 years.. yes, we also provided all the pertinent records, medical reports and assessments from the doctors, school certificates, individualized plan etc. showing that my son is functional..btw,did you submitted "letter of intent and ability"? yes, let us continue to pray and may God bless us! Thank you...
  4. Done with my medical August 2013 and my family was September. Yes we submitted the Letter of Intent and ability with signed along with all the opinions and proposed plans before the deadline that was been given. Wow that was a long wait :(. Did you checked your ECAS lately? who knows you might see medical results received too? :) By the way where is your visa office? Mine is in CPC Ottawa but first it was in CIO Sydney and then file was been transferred. Yes, let's continue to pray for the success of our application. All things are possible with God :) To God be the glory in Christ Jesus. :)
  5. almost 2 years is really a long wait but we're still hoping for the best..our visa office is in manila, phils...are visa offices have the same processing time? do yo have any idea about this? perhaps, your visa office is much faster in terms of visa processing..ecas said that our application still in process...anyway, let us share updates and i hope that one of these days, we can finally received a positive and favorable response on our application :) Good luck and God bless us! thanks again.
  6. Hi noknik,

    Is it possible that you can send me a sample of a letter of intent and ability and with proposed plans?

    My child is also of ASD and will need such letter too. Please help me.

  7. Hi dckcrz,

    I think Manila visa office is more faster than in Ottawa according to the processing time posted at CIC web site under Provincial nominee if you are under Provincial nominee. Manila is 12 months while Ottawa is 17 months which my file is on the 13th month now. Hopefully this week we hear something from them:) I did ask for assistance of our local MP here too. Constituent assistant has been very helpful and happy to serve there constituents and I was so grateful:) Let's hope and pray for the best.

    @ coman Hi there, if you receive a fairness letter from your visa office regarding the possible inadmissible of a family member due to excessive demand and stating the diagnosed and the detailed list of social services required and their cost implications. The letter of intent and ability is attached to your fairness letter. If you sign this letter of intent you are declaring that you are responsible for costs associated with the provision of the social services that your family member requires along with the proposed plan. Regarding the proposed plan, i hired a immigration lawyer to do it in my behalf because it's to much for me:) so i suggest get a good immigration lawyer to write you one and they will do all the researching and plan. Hoping and praying for the success of our application. God bless us all.
  9. I have the same status of all you guys here. I was refused on my PR application because my child has mild autism/developmental delay. I have responded to the fairness letter, with the help of an immigratiom lawyer last May 30th. Until this date i have'nt receive any response to my case with CIC. I am glad to see all you post here so I may also have an idea to how long will i still to wait.
    I also seen my eCas showing "medical results have been received"... What does it means? Does it refers to first medical results which me and my family first submitted? Or the results on the response to the fairness letter regarding my autistic child.
    Please send us an update on your status here. Thanks and God Bless
  10. hi..is your application already refused or you just need to response on the fairness letter? because as far as i know, only after the response form the fairness letter will be the basis of the refusal..meaning, our pr application is NOT yet refused or no decision yet...i think. we have the same situation, we responded to the fairness letter and sent it last May 25 and until today no reply from the visa office..btw, how old is your child? Let's all continue to pray and God will take care everything...
  11. Hi there, my child is 4 yrs old now. No we are not refused yet, but they send us a fairness letter before for us to prove that my child will not cause excessive demand on social services. How old is your child? I am so hoping and praying that we all have positive result on our endeavor, to get our pr so we could bring our children here. I know once they are here it would be so much helpful in their development as far as treatment is concern. Keep posted on your into whats going on in your application, does your ECas show medical results received too? Thanks. God Bless
  12. Hi there!

    here is my status on my CAS after i submitted the fairness letter this March.

    We received your application June 3, 2013

    We started processing your application on July 3, 2014

    Medical results have been received.

    Wish and pray positive decision made will come soon on our application in due time :) my only concern now is my medical will be expiring on august 2, 2014 which is in 3 days time. Hope they extend the validity of my medical. Thank you and May God bless our application :)
  13. so, your pr application is not refused and there is still a chance for the approval..my child is 10 y/o..our application is already in process for over 2 years now..the delay is caused by the developmental/mild autism of my child...actually, we already responded on 2 fairness letter as well as the declaration of ability and intent, individualized plan etc..anyway, we're still hoping and continue praying for the approval of our application...yes, ecas status is in process..i think ecas is not that dependable/accurate...again, God will take care everything, let's just continue to pray...
  14. glad to hear that..btw, i have read some articles that medical exam is discretionary..meaning, the visa officer may or may not request for a new medical exam..also, they have the right to extend it.You can double check on this issue for confirmation. Again, may God continue to bless and guide us....
  15. Dckxrz and noknik...To God Be The Glory on our application. I hear positive results on cases that are the same as ours, only that "waiting" feels so hard as we count the days. I'm praying for your application too...

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