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Applicants from Europe and USA

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by RayBear, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. There doesn't seem to be too many here; I'd be interested in chatting and/or keeping track of other people on a similar timeline/dealing with the same hurdles as me, so I guess comment and say hi so we can network!
  2. There's already one for US applicants here.
  3. Well, as you can see, i'm from Europe and the US is only part of the thread =]
  4. :D
  5. UK FSW-O.
    July 3rd AOR - welcome to the waiting game, UK seems to be generally slow. A few are beating 6 months, but if you look at Immitracker a lot of us are still waiting from June and July.
    Hate to kill your mood! Hopefully you're a lucky one, but I'm at 7 months now and assumed I had a pretty straightforward application!
  6. Not at all! Forewarned is forearmed. Have you done any kind of chasing/follow up through their form? (you'd be entitled to at 7 months after all, I know queuing is a British way of life but there are limits =P) I'd be curious to know what sort of response that gets you at this stage.

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  7. Hello there,
    I’m from UK. My 6 months will be up on 4-Feb. Waiting game ! I’m losing patience and my mind :(
  8. Hey guys,
    I'm from the UK too.
    AOR was Dec 26th and i've yet to get any update....judging by the timelines i'm hoping for MEP before Feb 10th.

    Seems like so many people are waiting past the 6month mark now....i hope it comes speedy for everyone!
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  9. Do you know how long it’s roughly taking for UK applicants?
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    I raised 2 CSEs, first one exactly on 6 months with the following response:


    the second, 2 weeks later with this response:


    Very disappointing generic responses I've seen all across this forum to people that sometimes later find out they are in review status or something isn't actually OK, even very simple things you would assume are checked in the earliest stages...so the wait continues!
  11. So, for unrelated reasons my wife had to use the form. The first response was very generic and did not answer the question. After I insisted, she replied seeking clarification at which point we got a well thought out and thorough response.

    I'd say consider replying and highlighting that the reply hasn't been informative or helpful and that you'd like some clarification on what's causing the delay or how much longer they anticipate it will take.

    Might do nothing, might get you an answer.

    Out of curiosity, where is everyone at present? Though I'm not from Manchester specifically (moved all over) that's where I'm living now
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    Hi RayBear,

    Welcome to the wait! AOR 25th July. No communication from IRCC since august when my medicals were cleared.

    I can second steb1’s point above that the customer service function of IRCC is so useless, that it may as well be replaced by a single blind budgie that chooses a random automated response to any query raised, by pecking at its favourite coloured seeds.

    Since hitting 6 months I have sent 3 CSEs and got two identical responses to say my eligibility was being reviewed and that my criminality and security were not started. The third one was a little more useful, and said that both eligibility and background verifications were being reviewed, but I don’t know whether to believe it or not. I asked some very specific questions about my application which were simply ignored in their entirety!

    I have tried so many times to call them (record was 8 times in 3 hours) and have never been able to get through. Reviews by people who have got through, aren’t particularly positive about the level of info you get, but I can’t confirm.

    Now that my epic whinge is over, advice I can give is to order your GCMS notes on your 3rd, 4th and 5th month anniversaries. They take 30 days to arrive, and are a month out of date when you get them, but they appear to be the only useful source of information about your application. By comparing the different months you can see whether you are progressing and proactively send info if there is an issue. I really wish I ordered my first set earlier, but I am still 10 days or so away from receiving my first set.

    Do not assume that if there is an issue that IRCC will contact you promptly. Search for Gruff’s conversation about proof of funds, which was pretty shocking.

    Now, plenty of people seem to fly through in 4 months (and it takes all my strength not to be bitter!!!), and hopefully yours will too. However, my last piece of advice would be not to make any firm decisions about your life until that final COPR is in your hand!

    Best wishes
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  13. That's extremely unfortunate to hear, but as mentioned, I'd much rather be prepared for a long haul wait than not anticipate it, so thanks for the feedback!

    Given the existing delay from Christmas, I'll probably wait until April-ish before applying for GCMS. I am familiar with the wait and response times of ICC unfortunately.

  14. Hi,
    Im German resident.
    AOR 28th Nov
    I don't know my IP status. But Biometrics have been submitted on 11th January. Nothing further since then.
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  15. Fsw o usa
    Aor June 7th
    PR Aug 17th

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