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Applicant from PhD program after 5 Nov, 2011 connect here to get status

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by snow_walker, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. hi Feb2004,
    i think it's upto you...when they ask for a bank history, all they care about is if the account is in your name and you have the required amount...but since you didn't show any details of an SB account at the time of application, if i were you i would just stick to the account you showed and make sure you always have that threshold amount
  2. Yes anjuku, you are right. The only downside is that one has to keep an eye on the transactions every now and then
    to maintain the balance. But I won't take the risk of opening a new account now.Thanks.
  3. Hello every one, could we order the CAIPS after receiving the PER? I received the PER 25 April 2012 and still nothing new.
  4. You can, but you are under a normal timeline still. Should wait from them in a month or two.
  5. Proceedings of the forgotten/CIC meeting the meeting lasted more than an hour. We met with the directors of the Ottawa pilot centre. They listened with attention to the sum of financial, psychological, galleys, etc...They brought many answers to our questions.

    1 - No folder is lost. Even the inactive folders (which are unanswered requests for additional documents) and which have been archived can be identified. If your MP tells you that you are not on the system, ask him to check in two computer systems (old and new), date of birth, the name and the country of origin and client ID are enough to get.
    2 - The published timetable is feasible. The majority of the files will be processed in the advertised processing time.
    3 - For most files that are easy to treat, the attribution to an Ottawa agent raises the finalisation of the folder (e-Brown or CRP: the famous email inviting you to send either passport or photocopies). It will be gifts in February 2013 first answers within the time frame. For folders that require additional information, an agent will contact you within the same timeframe.
    4 - E-cas are not updated by the agents, it is an automated system that will be replaced so it does not rely too much on it.
    5 - There are 30 agents who make the decisions on the records and the full team is 140 people.
    6 - Medical visits that have expired require an extension. It is requested by the agent to another federal Department. For those that live in the Canada, the extension is granted without problem. For those who left or for those whose family is distributed, contact with a doctor from the country of residence is sometimes necessary, this may slightly delay the folder.
    7 15% of cases of forgotten were treated to date. CIC promises huge changes by the end of February.
    8 - For the count of eligibility for citizenship, there is no possibility for immigration and citizenship laws are different.
    9 - The free and open work permit is currently not an option for CIC who wants to handle the cases of RP and do not multiply requests for temporary. The last BO can facilitate things for applicants who are not in Quebec, but on this side, not much to wait.
    10 - For holders of a 2010 CSQ, please contact Nadine (nadine.coste@hotmail.com), special support will be set up.
    11. For families who are expecting a baby and are no longer temporary permit (therefore without health insurance), please also contact Nadine at the same address, special attention will be given to records

  6. put ur app. on hold till u have money and/ or job
  7. continious part time work exp. is only considered part time exp.
  8. "7 15% of cases of forgotten were treated to date. CIC promises huge changes by the end of February."
    am hoping this huge change would be good news and also applies to all and not just the quebec applicants
  9. Guys,

    I have good news for February applicant they finally started processing our files. Although it is not a good news for me. I received an email from Ottawa yesterday that they are satisfied with my previous work experience and it seems that they are guessing it is a fake work experience. Although I included my insurance background which is paid with my employer and is mandatory in my home country. They asked for more documents any idea that how I can prove it? I did not include my RA and Ta in my application package do you think I can add it at this stage or not?
    :( :( :(
  10. I didn't get what happened. You said they are satisfied with work experience. You mean they are not satisfied?
  11. you are right they are not
  12. Please post your letter.
  13. Atlast they started processing February applicants... I got the document request just now....

    "Proof of funds: Please provide evidence of funds which are completely available, transferrable and unencumbered by debt or other obligations. Evidence of account activity for the past six months must also be submitted. This must be received at this office by: 02/28/2013"
  14. I am not satisfied that you have the work experience for Sensor Commercial & Industrial Services Company as claimed in your application. The letter of reference makes no reference to the type of business this company is in, nor how many employees work for this company. The address on both the letter of reference and the attached business card appear to be in a residential district in Tehran. The salary paid to you appears to be low for the position of Business Manager and General Director Consultant.
  15. How come you were not allowed 60 days to provide the proof?

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