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Anyone applied a Student Permit from Philippines?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by sgmav, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. hello to everyone...i accidentally came across this forum thread while scanning about the FSW threads...i got interested because i seldom see topics about student visa among Filipinos...i just want to know how much an applicant needs to process a student visa for Canada...how easy the process will be...what are the advantages and disadvantages with this kind of visa taking into consideration that i am married with two kids...and what are the prospects of getting a permanent visa...thanks for your reply!
  2. Hello guys, im also from Philippines planning to take postgraduates in one of the colleges in ontario. Anyone familiar if I need to have a master's degree to be eligible for postgraduate diploma?
  3. Hi honney.

    You can actually check this website for all information. Everything is there from your requirements to how much you need to pay. I can't speak for anyone here cause sometimes, some people uses a consultant and that will cost you more.

    Here is the link:

    Have a great day
  4. you dont need to finish masters to take postgraduate diploma.

    bachelors > postgraduate diploma
  5. i'll do that....thanks for the info...God bless!
  6. Got my visa today. Good luck to all who are still waiting!
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  7. wow! considering your timeline...
    that's 47days since day of submission... 1 and half month...
    that's fast! :D congrats congrats! :D

    hope we are next...
  8. Wow!!! Congratulations!!!! When are you leaving and to which school/college/university? ;D :D :) ;)
  9. Was your previous tourist visa single or multiple entry? :)
  10. @schoolgirl22 hi!

    It was a single entry.

    You can actually choose between single and multiple if you apply.
  11. Yeah, I'm on a multiple entry visa right now. Just wondering if they're going to cancel it once I get an S-1.
  12. oooh.. that I'm not sure.
  13. Thanks! Yup hope we all get our visas soon. Patience ;)
  14. I'm taking Advanced Diploma in Diagnostic Cytology at the Michener Institute in Toronto. I finished Med Tech at UST and have 1 1/2 of working experience in a lab in a hospital as a Registered Medical Technologist. Good luck guys!
  15. Ohhh Downtown! :) Congrats! :)

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