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Anyone applied a Student Permit from Philippines?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by sgmav, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, I'm also pinoy planning to study in Canada but in CGA-BC, I am a CPA here and would like to upgrade to CGA in Canada. I was informed that they have sent my Letter of Acceptance but I haven't paid any tuition from their institution yet. To those who have approved student permit like RMT_Michener, did you undergo an interview or not anymore? Please advise so I can prepare.... Thank you!
  2. Timeline:

    Nov. 11, 2011 - submitted application
    Nov 26, 2011 - interview
    Jan. 12, 2012 - medical exam

    up until now they did not sent my permit yet. last june 6,2012 they emailed me that it is undergoing finalization, that is after months of sending them emails.....

    i am almost waiting for 10 months!! grabe!

  3. SERIOUSLY? when will your class starts? grabe naman. They said it should be 38 days to 11 weeks max.
  4. yup!! seriously!! so frustrating already, i want to go personally to their office but not exactly sure if they will talk to me or even allow me inside the office premises.

    supposedly, jan 2012...i need to request new loa, but the college admission is every month so al least i can start whenver the embassy deems to release my permit amfffff
  5. Woah!! Hope you get it soon... Mine will start on Sept 3. But i guess di ako aabot. So baka mag October ako
  6. hope we all get our permits soon!! as in this month! I don't know how long am I suppose to wait before sumugod sa office nila :'(
  7. I'm not really sure.. but I think you can check it online. Did they ask you for your passport already? Done with medical too?
  8. i submitted my passport together with the application last nov 2011, has my medical exam submitted last jan 12, 2012 pa. started to email them last april and may, they replied last june 6,2012 that my permit is qued for finalization na daw, and they told me also not to bother them since short sila sa manpower washa!
  9. Aw!!!! Sorry to hear that. Eh mas lalo pa ngayon medyo madami delays because of the non-stop rain..
  10. yeah, true that! i'm not entirely sure also if i can go to the embassy without an appointment here in Manila, but in their website it is stated that they are open to the public mon-thurs 8-10 hmmmmm

    sunduin ko na kaya lol
  11. My boyfriend's visa application there in the Philippines was quick and smooth flowing. Wag kayo masyadong magstress out, it'll be okay. Took him around 2 months to get everything done. Natakot nga kami kasi yung documents na submit niya yung hindi specifically pang pinas, but with optimism and prayers na kuha naman din niya visa niya. He will be coming to Canada on Aug 26 to be with me!!! :)

    - Key thing para sa visa application there in Manila is to really prove to them that you're financially capable, and that babalik ka talaga sa Pilipinas after.

    - GOOD LUCK!!!
  12. Hi annann, ano daw yung mga questions sa kanya sa interview? Magkano dapat yung laman ng bank statement? One more question, pano magpay ng processing fee at saan? Pupunta ba ako mismo sa office ng Canada-Embassy Manila? Di ko makita sa website e.

    Hoping for your reply. Thanks!
  13. wala siyang interview naman. One key thing na meron siya is that he got this letter from his school there sa pinas na yung studies niya sa canada will serve as his internship. And kasali na don yung kailangan niyang magsubmit nang Transcripts, diploma, etc. And if ever di na siya pumapasok sa school ay iproclaim siyang AWOL ba yon, not sure.

    - and for the money part, yung mom niya nag sponsor sa kanya. letter and all procaliming na magsupport siya financially. and para tuition fee in one year+ $10,000. tignan mu sa checklist kung first year lang or hanggang second year, kase feeling ko first year lang talaga. :)

    - for the processing fee, i believe may sinend na money along sa application. yung assistant ng mom niya nagsubmit, you can find out sa cic.gc.ca website, then go the pinas page :)

    - did you apply already? :)
  14. thanks for the reply. I will apply as soon as I finalize all the reqmts., I received a letter of acceptance from certified general accountants association in BC already. thanks sa info, grabe mas madami pala reqmts dito sa Embassy Manila now ko lang nakita... yung sa main cic website kasi konti lang... your right 1 year tuition + $10,000 kaso need ng bank book and statements for the past 24 months,,, OMG ang tagal namang history nito :'( ... pa-ask naman bf mo if pwede bank statement lang kahit wala na passbook... :p

    Need pa ng Official Fee Schedule at Personal Study Plan. Paki-ask naman ulit bf mo san nya kinuha yung official fee schedule please at baka may format siya nung personal study plan pacopy naman hehe... ayoko kc mg-consultant ang mahal.

    Meron din ako kamaganak na mag-sponsor sa kin sa accommodation at meals jan kaso baka one cause for refusal pa daw yun kaya ayoko sana ideclare, totoo kaya yun?
  15. Hi! Ask ko lang how many days from or after doing the medical niya nakuha yung visa niya? thanks a lot.

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