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Anyone applied a Student Permit from Philippines?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by sgmav, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Does anyone here applied for a Student Permit in the Philippines? I just got back from Canada as a tourist and I applied for a Student Permit here in the Philippines. I already paid my school in Toronto which is Everest College and the semester will start on September 3, 2012. I just wanted to know if someone here applied in the same school and can I see your timeline on submitting the application.

    Hope someone can help.

  2. congrats for getting admitted... am also Pinoy, but am here in saudi arabia... and planning to start my application with TRU...

    hope we can share notes later on...

    best of luck!
  3. thats the same question i have.
    i am looking forward for someone who can share their timeline. thank you
  4. Hi ckaryas!

    Thanks! I got admitted to Everest but still don't have the SP. I got the tourist visa though I'm just not sure if my application will be approved...
  5. Hi Kyle..

    I'm not sure of the timeline.. I used an immigration consultant and as per them, it was already submitted Monday the 10th. The same immigration consultant i went to to get my tourist visa..

    I think you're talking about this...

    Category........: Other
    Visa Office......: Makati Phiippines
    App. Filed.......: 10-07-2012
    File Transfer...: 11-07-2012
    Med's Request: WAITING
    Med's Done....: WAITING
    Interview........: WAITING
    Passport Req..: WAITING

    Just read through some entry here and it will help you a lot. Wait.. Are you Filipino too?

    Oh and make sure you have strong documents...

    Where are you planning to study by the way??
  6. My sister and niece in kamloops, canada are helping me out with my application for Jan 2013.. However, TRU is still on break. I don't know if all the other universities too...

    I hope we all get the visas... I will share whatever info i get hold of...

  7. thanks sgmav... yes pinoy.
    my partner is applying for student visa and im for dependent visa.
    we are under an agency too, and we are hoping so much for a smooth progress...
    we hope we can make it for the september intake in vancouver institute of prof. mngt.
    im 5mos. pregnant and whic to deliver there so our baby won't be left out.
    with all trust to our representatives, we know we can make it there
  8. Hi Kyle!

    Yes I used the agency that processed my Canadian Tourist Visa last December. And hopefully they can process my SP too. It's too stressful!!! ;D :D
  9. My timeline:

    June 14 2012 -Submitted docs
    July 3, 2012 - Medical exam completed
    still waiting
  10. I also applied for student visa without any consultancy.I have submitted an acceptance letter from College and I paid the 1st sem tuition fee.

    File Submitted: 6-26-2012
    File received : 6-27-2012
    Category : Student Visa
    Office : Makati Office
    Visa Issue : Waiting

    I still don't have any idea how long will I wait for the result.Im worrying because the schedule of the Program for Fall will be on Sept.10,2012 :(
  11. Thanks sgmav for making this post, I was also looking for people who are applying for student visa in Canada. I also used an immigrant consultant. I'd also applied in vancouver prof school same as with Kyle. I started my application right after my ielts exam. But I think they only started processing of my application when they received my ielts results. Here's my timeline:

    Category........: Student Visa
    Visa Office......: Makati Phiippines
    App. Filed.......: not sure about it, but they told me that they've already received my LOA yesterday so I guess they've filed it already today
    File Transfer...: .......
    Med's Request: WAITING
    Med's Done....: WAITING
    Interview........: WAITING
    Passport Req..: WAITING

    August 27 of this year is my scheduled start of classes. I dunno if I could make it on that date. But the consultant said it would, so I just sit tight and wait patiently for the next step. Hoping for our visas to be approved swimmingly. ;D
  12. Mine will actually starts on the 3rd of September.
  13. Hopefully we get our VISA approved...
  14. hi mayeleven...

    have you paid your tuition fee already? im still waiting for the clearance of the cheque... soon as it is cleared i will pay it at once and hope to submit the receipt of transfer of funds to our representatives this week. they are surely helpful and accomodating... so we can surely make it there... god will work for us...

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