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Anybody from India planning to land in may.?? Please connect

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Gavin Johan, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Hello all.. M from india planning to land in 3rd week of may. If anyone matching with the same timeline we could work together for landing and accomodation.
  2. I am landing on 18-May with my wife and 2-yr old son.... are you single or with family?
  3. I am single.. Planning to land approx on may 20th.. Not yet confirmed.. Do u have anybody there who is helping you out once u land or have you done any arrangements from here itself..??
  4. I have a known circle in Toronto but since I've lived there for 2 yrs (I'm a CEC outland applicant), I'll be taking care of stuff myself once I land.... though I'm taking some help in temp accommodation from my uncle by getting his basement for a couple of weeks.

    How are you planning things? I'd strongly recommend booking tickets now, prices go up drastically during summers!
  5. Since i don't know anybody i was planning to book accommodation on airbnb for temporary stay probably for a week or couple of weeks until i get room for rent. One of my friend suggested to look for rented rooms by personally going there n checking once i land.. This is my plan as of now... Would u mind suggesting if there's any better alternative to this..
  6. Airbnb is a pretty good and safe short term plan.. you will have to search and visit various options for longer term accommodation once you land.. sites like craigslist and kijiji.ca will help you figure out where to look.... you have a good plan and it works every time! good luck :)
  7. Thank you so much for the suggestion.. Makes me a lot confident about my plans now... Will do my travel ticket booking soon.. Thanks a ton..
  8. Hi,

    I along with my wife and 1 yr old son are planning to land somewhere 3rd/4th week May, and intend to stay in Oakville/ Missisauga in a Furnished basement or apartment.
  9. I am also planning to land in last week of May.

  10. I am landing on 25th May with wife and son, in Halifax, NS. I will be staying for 3 weeks for paper work and return to come back later for good. I am looking at airBnB for my stay of 3 weeks and emailed to few contacts via kijiji.ca too. i am hoping to sort out this soon. Anybody landing in Halifax or has landed to help with the next steps please?
  11. We would be planning to land in July 2016 in Saskatoon. Do you know about any such services in Saskatoon or Regina please?
  12. Hello, I am new immigrant and will be landing on June 24 at Vancouver. Can someone help in finding a room for rental within the budget of $450 to $600. Want a furnished place.
  13. For all people searching for homes to rent, it's a good idea to take help of an agent.
    Since you will be all new here, an agent will make your life a lot easier.
    They will book slots for viewing, pick you up in their car and drop you back home.

    It saves a lot of hassle of trying to find addresses in a new city where you just don't know anything.
    On top of it all, it does not cost anything. You don't have to pay even a cent to the agent.
  14. If any of you require any help getting accommodation, please feel free to contact me. I am a Realtor -- my services are FREE to you.
  15. Hello anujoshi,

    have sent you a personal mail on your mail id (vjvikasjain.86@gmail.com).
    please check and revert back.


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