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Any Married Person Applied Alone & Got ITA and PR?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by syconetgeek, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Hi Friends,

    Can I know, if any married person applied alone (Spouse not accompanying) and got ITA and PR. I read somewhere, CIC has strong reasons to reject such application though I am sceptical about it.
  2. No One?
  3. I have a similar case and I have not read anywhere that rejection is high for married person applying alone. If you have a valid reason then there should not be any issue. BTW i got the ITA and in process of arranging docs.
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  4. Its not like that, CIC might not even ask why your Spouse is non accompanying. Many folks mark spouse as non accompanying - few do to increase CRS score, few do it for personal reasons, etc.

    Dont worry, its not a reason to be worried about.
  5. I want to do the same to increase my CSR. I am not accompanying my wife. I am planniing to bring my wife in Canada After getting ITA and visa approval. Lets say after one year when I get settled. Will that be fine or not?
  6. Thanks guys. Very helpful.
  7. I am married and we recently had a kid. He is now 9 months old. I applied alone and marked my spouse and kid as non accompanying. While submitting the application, I was asked for the reason why my family is not accompanying me to Canada. I clearly stated that my kid is only 9 months old and he could find it quite difficult to get acclimatised to a new place at such a young age. I got my PR visa last week and planning to land during August or September.

    Please note that even though your family is not accompanying you, they still need to undergo medicals and you still need to submit the PCC for all the adults. So I would personally advise you to include the family unless you have a strong enough reason like in my case. Again the decision to include or not will not, in any way, impact your application.

    The CRS score anyways has dropped to 415 in the last draw. :) So think about it and decide.
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  8. Thanks a lot. My kid is only 3 and we are from moderate climate also have to take care of my mother.
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  9. You can surely increase your score to get ITA and PR afterwards by not including your wife in application, if you don't have enough score for point cut off. They know that, eventually your wife will come to Canada if you decide to settle there.
    You do not need a strong reason to show why your wife will stay back and not accompany you to Canada. Just a simple reason would do. You are planning it perfectly by inviting them after a year or so.
    In express entry, they only check for the documents and answers from you for which you have gained points. There is no need to worry about it.
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  10. Guys,

    I have the somewhat similar issue. I am married to a Canadian and my husband is in Canada. I started my EE before getting married and got ITA after marriage. I have marked my spouse as not accompanying. Will that be an issue?

    Please response :(
  11. I believe that is fine, I did same with my son. He is a Canadian by birth and holds a Canadian passport. Don't worry about it.
    There will be a question in one of the forms that asking you a Reason why he is not going to accompany you?
    Just let them know that your husband is going to be with you in Canada, you are just not including him in the application process, because he is Canadian citizen.
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  12. Thank you :)
    +1 for you!
  13. I also did not include my wife when I applied for ITA(my CRS was 417 and including her was bringing down the CRS).

    The immigration people should understand that first a person has to come to Canada to find a job and accommodation then only he can be in a position to bring his family.

    My daughter is 6 yrs old and in school now, so first need to settle myself in Canada and find a school where she can study.

    This question is really ridiculous "why the spouse is not accompanying you to Canada" as eventually I will take my family to Canada for sure.
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  14. Thanks for answering. Looks many people are on same boat. Finding job and settling is the main thing.
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  15. Thank you very much. Really appreciate the response. One more question if you or anyone can answer. I have total three years of experience. However, 2 years out of that were during my MBA in the UK on student visa. Though it is clearly mentioned on my reference letter that I worked 32 hours per week(Part time is also mentioned). Will that be fine or no?

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