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Allahabad Agricultural Institute evaluation by WES?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by ajaypsdba, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Hi folks,

    I had done my Masters from Allahabad Agricultural Institute which is Deemed University and when trying to upload my profile I see WES does not evaluate for this University.

    "WES does not evaluate academic records from Allahabad Agricultural Institute"

    Anyone is same boat? how did you get the evaluation done. please advise.

  2. Hi Yes Same boat. For me also same thing happened. it does not accept it. I am also worried what to do ??
    What is your name ? can you give me your mobile no pls. i want to talk to you.
    I am trying Allahabad agriculture number so many times nobody picked up. I want to talk to them @ transcripts and all
    But this university is under UGC. why they are not accepting it ?
  3. Yes same boat. I also did Masters from Allahabad Agriculture university but WES does not accept it. I am also worried what to do now
    Please give me your cell no. I want to talk to you. I am trying to contact Allahabad university so many times but no one picked up call there.
    Please give you mobile no. We are on same boat.
  4. Try with IQAS or ICES.
  5. Hello g_g226,

    please email me at jay2909 at gmil

  6. Thanks Preet and hobo-mobo.
    I will try with ICAS based on below response from ICAS (since my university was UGC and DEC recognized I should be good)
    only down side I see with ICAS is their processing time is approximately 20 weeks :(

    For postsecondary study completed in India, we are able to assess the following:

    · Qualifications awarded by institutions which were recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) at the time of admission

    · Programs recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) at the time of admission

    · Distance education programs recognized by the Distance Education Council (DEC) or UGC at the time of your admission

    · Qualifications awarded by State Boards of Technical Education

    Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your institution meets the appropriate requirement.

    ICAS of Canada
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  7. Hi,

    I email you , pls check thanks

  8. Hello,
    Thanks for information. Do we fill out all education details in the form frmo 10th onwards or Masters and Graduation is enough ?? Please guide.
    Because I have started to fill up the form in ICAS.
  9. I have not yet gone that far...my understanding is you just need to provide your highest degree (masters) but each of the evaluation organization is different so look at their FAQ's
  10. Hi , I m also facing the same problem . I have done my MBA from shiats distance learning and now got to know that WES doesn't evaluate shiats.
    Im thinking to try ICAS and IQAS. But can someone please tell me how can i get my transcripts from shiats and directly sent to ICAS and IQAS. As these firms except the documents if received directly from university.I live outside india and i dont know how to get the transcripts.

    Also do u know if icas will successfully evaluate the shiats degree or not. Any success stories please share
  11. Hi,
    SJSU were you able to get it done through ICAS.. I am thinking of doing so..any info will be of great help.

  12. So...what is the response of icas?

    Your master degree is appoved or not
  14. Psharma22071985 I am also facing same problem..I have done my bsc CS from shiats..plz tell me how can I get my transcripts?

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