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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by love bird 43, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. thanks
  2. Does anybody know what is happenning if minster council ask for extension to respond but they fail to respond on the date they mention in the letter.
  3. Yes but she must go live with you in your country for a couple if years , then reapply.
  4. Does anyone know for sure if the visa office records the interviews or not? My lawyer is going to ask the appeals division for a copy of the recording. I have read through most of this thread and know many people have asked if the interview was recorded, but I don't remember anyone saying whether or not they knew for sure if they were recorded or not. My lawyer says she doesn't know if they are recorded, but she thinks they should be.
  5. It is recorded.when we start our interview in vo our interpreter told us ..
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  6. Our lawyer said interview is not recorded but hearing is can record
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  7. I sure hope ours was recorded too. Maybe it depends on the visa office.
  8. Process finally over.

    Passport picked up yesterday with Visa. Landing in Canada Tuesday. :)

    Good luck to everyone on this journey.
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  9. Congrats
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  10. Hey congrats. Pls tell us how long it took from winning your appeal till this point?

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  11. I think men and women explain things a bit differently. But as long as you know your spouse and dates of important times you will be ok.
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  12. Hi Alice I sent u a mesage inbox please check thanks
  13. How do I check my inbox?
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  14. SALAM AND HELLO EVERYONE CAN ANYONE TELL ME after medical and police certificate also form submit 5 July and still no response from immigration when they send the msg all documents rec or not or pay the fees bio metric.
  15. Or you win your case in full hearing or in ADR
    Because I have full hearing and it’s in Regina too

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