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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by love bird 43, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. HI ALL,
    LOVE BIRD 43.
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    last of nov-2009, misssaga approved the sponser.
    file mvd to uk 8dec 2009
    interview 14 june 2010
    15 june denied
    adr appeal won 28 th nov 2010
    file send to uk 5th dec 10
    send inq ,18,02,11
    doc sent 22-04-11
    ppr 23 oct 2011
    pp sent 26 oct 2011

    Waiting .........................
    if any question regarding appeal plz feel free to ask .
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  3. Hi love bird 43,
    after win appeal throuugh ADR in end of dec 2011

    i have sent my medical and pcc, and imm forns , its been 7 monthes , still in process what shell ido ?

    my visa office is LONDON .
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  4. hi ,
    just email them , regarding your application status , will be hear soon , because
    london visa office gives replies , very shortly, remember theitr , email web forum dose,nt working
    you might probebly not get an atoumetic reply , so just email them from your own mailling address
    which oyu have gave them email address is ,,,,,,,
    re-london-im-enquiry @ international.gc.ca
    best of luck ,,,
  5. You've already been asked to send your passport? Did you courier it? Why is it taking so long? I think I would be going crazy waiting after that. Congratulations!!! I'm happy for you. I hope it's me soon :)

    My timeline:
    Sponsorship approved March 4, 2010
    Application received in Ankara, Turkey May 17, 2010
    Interview of my husband June 23,2010
    Denied Permanent Residence status July 30, 2010
    IAD Appeal Hearing April 19,2011
    Confirmation of successful appeal June 23, 2011
    Files sent to Turkey: July 2011
    Medical and pcc requested July 29, 2011
    Received August 2, 2011
    Medical began Processing in Paris September 5, 2011
    Waiting waiting waiting...
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  6. Hi Mrs. Turan ,
    yes it been long even after appeal , but the thing is this that , my visa office is london , and i am from pakistan
    they take a bit long background and secrity checks , and my police chrecter cirtficates from pakistan and UK , because
    i have lived in two countries ,

    so i have read about your case timeline , yes, you can hear from them eny time now, you are very near , apprently. ;) ;) ;)
  7. Hello everyone,

    I am new to this forum. Whats IAD or ADR? What is the process of appealing in case of spouse sponsor visa denied. Thanks
  8. Hi Lonely Husband ,
    The Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) hears and decides appeals on immigration matters such as appeals from refused sponsorship applications and from removal orders.

    ADR -mean,,,,,,,,,,The use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) offers an informal, less confrontational and more consensual approach to dealing with sponsorship appeals, which essentially concern the appellant's desire to reunify his or her family. ADR is consistent with the Immigration and Refugee Board's vision to deal with matters "simply, quickly and fairly."

    The success of a 1998 ADR pilot project in the IAD Toronto office led to the ADR process being made a permanent part of the Toronto office's case processing for many types of sponsorship appeals. The ADR process was then implemented in Vancouver in 2000 after further study, refinement and consultation. Following the implementation of the new Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, which came into force on June 28, 2002, the Montréal, and Calgary offices started using ADR in the Fall of 2003, followed by Ottawa in January 2004.

    The ADR process at the IAD usually involves an in-person meeting - an ADR Conference - that is scheduled to last for one hour. The IAD assigns a member to act as a dispute resolution officer (DRO) for each appeal that is selected for the ADR process. All DROs receive training in ADR and have in depth substantive and procedural knowledge of sponsorship appeal issues. In addition to the DRO, the ADR Conference participants are the Minister's counsel, and the appellant and their counsel. About half of the cases that go through ADR will have a final result without the parties having to attend an oral hearing. Usually this is CIC agreeing to the appeal being allowed, or it could be the appellant withdrawing the appeal.

    There are written ADR procedures and there is specific ADR rule in the new IAD Rules - Rule 20 covers such matters as exchange of documents, participating in good faith, confidentiality and IAD approval of any settlements.

    An independent consultant's evaluation in 2001 confirmed that the IAD's use of ADR contributes significantly to the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of administrative justice at the IAD. It provides appellants with a process that is generally viewed as fair and worthwhile and often produces savings in terms of costs and time. Its informality reduces the tension often felt by participants in adversarial proceedings.

    The ADR program has not, however, reached its full potential. The IAD accepted all of the recommendations of Leslie Macleod's evaluation report, and they have now largely been implemented - this includes enhancing of ADR training for dispute resolution officers and Minister's counsel, and providing more detailed written guidelines on ADR procedures and practices.
    plz open the link here for more information ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, http://www.irb.gc.ca/Eng/tribunal/iadsai/Pages/index.aspx
  9. Hi Lonely Husband ,
    the process about the appeal , is when the applicant denied cic immigration sends a desion letter , and the appeal
    papers , with right of appeal on the sponser,s canidian address, which hase to be filled out by the sponser who is in canada , or some
    time sponser is, if (canidian citizen )is outside the canada , can get the paper by eny relitive who is in the canada,and make a sign on that papers, afterwards sent these papers on the address which is mentiond on the appeal papers, withen 30 days from the deniel decsion.
  10. Hi all members , ALLAH IS GREAT.
    i have recevied my passport from aramex today with visa, ALHAMDULLIAH.'
    nobody knowes that where he will be , what will he eat , and where is gona, be die, even these 16 days in dubai (UAE)
    i never though that , and expect that i will come to dubai , to sent my passport from here , because it is not legel in pakistan.

    my visa isseu date is 17th of october 2011, same that day when i had my passport request , i mean
    ppr and decsion made were same week , and i sent my passport to chc london on 25th of october
    and chc london recevied it 27th oct,,,,,,,, after 14th day i have got my passport from chc london via chc abu dehbi
    according to my experience that , if applicant gets decsion made with the ppr , its mean that visa has been isseu , and applicant just need to sent passport , to pste the visa on it , thanks every body specialy Mr qorax,,, and bijupv007 and all other members. prey fore me ........
  11. Hello Friends,

    anyone have a appeal case in New Delhi, India? how long its taking?
  12. congrats lovebird...

    my time line is

    dec 2010 application send to cic-m
    jan 10 2011 approved
    jan 17 2011 forwared to colombo
    nov 15 2011 husband interview
    nov 15 2011 denied visa

    now have to appeal how much will the lawyer cost and the time of this waiting game....the reason they refused me because of odsp and that i cant support him when he come down to canada...iam from toronto and looking for a lawyer and how much it will cost for the whole process....please share some info that i can be prepared and also how long it will take to get the refusal letter thanks in advance for the replies
  13. hi hambzik ,
    the appeal process but , after the appeal allowed , when the file comes beck from the visa office , it moves fast , in New dehli ,
    as such other visa offices .
  14. Hi rathika2011,
    First of all , wait for refeusel letter ,read the reasons of refusel agai properly, and for your informetion , their is no need for lawer ,
    in the first session of appeal.
    you just need to fill a couple of pages appeal form, wich will come with , a decsion letter,just fill it , and sent to IAD,in 30 days,
    and mean time find out the job or make good sorce of evedence , in the ADR, or full hearing , that you will be able to support
    your husbend in canada.
    i think so you will probebly get a high chances to get , ADR appeal process, which will be great for you .
    after submit the appeal when you get the file record you will become to know that , your case is complicated , or straight,and plz dont
    waist your money, most of the lawers make you scare, about your case, and make you confeuse.
    if your case will realy complicated then hair a good lawer.
    in our case we didnt hier a lawer. wait and see...... good luck.
  15. hi hambzik ,
    the appeal process timeline almost the same, but , after the appeal allowed ,
    when the file comes beck to the the visa office from canada , it moves fast , in New dehli ,
    as such other visa offices .

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