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Alberta Health Card Waiting Time - Moving from Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Health' started by zaibghaffar, Oct 4, 2017.

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    I want to know exact waiting time for issuance of alberta health card . Approximate time for PR card is 60 days and after these 60 days , How much additional days are required for Alberta Health Card ?

    is baby delivery covered in this card as i am currently pregnant?

    Kindly help me in this regard.
  2. Assuming you qualify you should be able to get an alberta health card the same day. You must stay for 6 months (183 days) in Alberta or you will be responsible for repaying the cost of care you received,
  3. http://www.health.alberta.ca/AHCIP/moving-to-Alberta.html

    Moving to Alberta from outside Canada / immigrants

    If you are moving or returning to Alberta from outside Canada, you might be eligible for coverage on the date of your arrival when you register within 3 months of arrival and provide all the required documents.

    • Newcomers to Canada may be eligible for coverage depending on their Canada entry document. To determine if the document is accepted, an Alberta Health agent will need to review it.
    • Read more about temporary residents or those applying to remain permanently in Canada.
    To apply for coverage, complete and submit the Application for Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan Coverage (Form AHC0102), also available at an authorized registry agent location.

    Actually you may have to stay for 12 months depending on your situation: http://www.health.alberta.ca/AHCIP/registration-requirements.html

    NOTE: Individuals coming to Alberta on visas or permits from Citizenship and Immigration Canada may be eligible for AHCIP coverage, depending on the type of immigration document they have, the length of time on the document and their commitment to reside in Alberta for 12 consecutive months.
  4. So,just for me to understand.If I kand in Calgary on April8th 2018 and I apply for AHCIP the next day,me and rest of family are covered immediately,am I right? My 3rd son has an ongoing,stable heart condition and really need to maje sure he is covered if things become unstable with him...
    Thank you
  5. Yes but if you leave Alberta before you have lived their for 12 months they can ask you to reimburse the province for the services you have used. There is some ambiguity in the language but never heard PRs having difficulty obtaining health coverage immediately.
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  6. Hi guys, hoping someone here can help me. We are also landing in Alberta on 21 June 2019 this year, as newcomers. We don't have an official address with utility bills and our names yet, as we are new and will be in an airbnb for the first two weeks or maybe even longer. Can I just give my friend's address? It's also the address I will give for the PR card. Will we be covered immediately then? We are landing in Toronto for a short visit before going to Alberta (one week), so will just try to get travel insurance for that week until we land in Alberta. Am I correct in assuming that my confirmation of permanent residence with my passport will be sufficient? In my fiance's case, will her Canadian passport be sufficient? Thanks in advance.
  7. As long as you are planning on staying permanently in Alberta for over 6 months yes you qualify for alberta health care. Documents needed will be on the website.
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  8. Thank you. I read the information required on the website, just not sure what proof of address a newcomer will provide since newcomers usually live in a temporary place for the first week or two before signing a lease etc. We will therefore have no proof of address with our names on for at least a month or two, just an address of our friends in Alberta.
  9. You will have to see what address is acceptable by contact the Alberta health agency or you’ll have to wait until you’ve secured a more permanent address.
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  10. Hi,

    Can you please confirm if you went to Alberta and availed the health card from day 1 ?
    Also, as you were pregnant, how did you manage there. Hope everything got covered.
    Just want to know as we are also in similar situation.

  11. You also have to worry about the airline letting you on the plane if you are heavily pregnant. Each airline has their own requirements.
  12. Hello,
    I just have a simple question
    I landed in Ontario few months ago and I didn't apply for the health card (I'm oustide Canada now)
    If I want to move to Alberta, how can I apply for the health card there and how much time will I wait?

    Thanks in advance..
  13. If you permanently settle in Alberta and stay over 6 months you can get health coverage immediately. Be aware that Alberta is very aware that people land there because there is health coverage immediately especially pregnant women. Expect your case to be scrutinized that you are settling in Alberta with your family and that you meet the requirements to receive healthcare or you can be asked to pay back all your healthcare costs later on.
  14. What did you finally do to get free health services
  15. What happened in your case?

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