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Alberta Express Entry Stream

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Second Chance, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. Hi all!I have a query regarding checking the profile information after NOI.Can we check the information that we have filled in the EE Profile after getting NOI?
  2. Hey guys,
    I'm in a situation which I wonder if it may cause a problem. I have received and accepted an NOI from Alberta, and in the process of gathering the needed documents for submission. In the criteria for Alberta Express Entry, it is stated that one should be working in an occupation which is demand in Alberta. I gather that my work experience is in demand, thus receiving the NOI. Be that as it may, while I have 2 yrs of experience, I have also been unemployed for the past 12 months. I wonder if the statement "should be workING" has any weight in this matter.
    I'd appreciate it if you guys could share your thoughts / similar experience.
  3. Doesn't matter since you have desired experience in in-demand occupation list. IRCC never says you should be working "CURRENTLY" in order to become a PR. Right?
  4. No connection and NOC 6235.
  5. IRCC have already given out revised funds' requirement. Go check it out.
  6. Much obliged.
  8. How long did it took to get nomination from ainp
  9. hi sir i have a similar situation as yours except i already have a nomination? but alberta says that they will not transfer my nomination to my new ee profile as i need to wait for them if they will send me an NOI to my new ee profile. May i know what you changed in your ee profile for it to be ineligible and what is your NOC and CRS? you are very lucky to recieve another NOI within the same month... What is the result of your ainp application now?
  10. I know someone who got PR and was currently unemployed at the time. So I don't think it a problem. They are after your experience.

    When did you receive NOI and what's your CRS and noc?
  11. Hi i want to ask anyone got NOI for NOC 0122
  12. Hi guys i need your urgent help,

    I have recently received a Notification of Interest (NOI) from Alberta PNP on August 28, 2019 but my IELTS (English test) in my Express Entry Profile will expire on October 14, 2019. I am afraid that I will be nominated after Oct 14 since it takes time for AlNP to check my application and that would make my EE profile ineligible because of my expired ielts at that time. So, I am planning to take a new ielts test so that i can update my EE profile if AINP allows me to replace my ielts. (I am afraid to get a lower score in my new IELTS test because this will lower my CRS points)

    My questions are:

    Should I submit my old ielts test expiring on Oct 14 or take a new IELTS test and submit that instead?

    Is it possible to update my Express Entry Profile with a new IELTS (English test) even If I already submited all documents (including my old ielts which expired on oct 14) to AINP.

    What happens when my CRS points goes down if I update my EE profile using the new IELTS test result?

    I recieved my NOI based on my EE prifle with my old ielts test which gives me 435 crs points but does alberta allow me to change my ielts even though i submitted all my documents already?

    Will they consider my CRS points being changed but still above the minimum crs for that round of NOI? (for example if the minimum round on August 28 is 400 and i get 410 CRS points using my new ielts test on my EE profile) Will Alberta still consider my application valid with a lower CRS points but still above the minimum CRS points round in that NOI group?

    Has anyone tried this issue before?

    My current CRS is 435 and noc 1221

    I would really appreciate anyone that could help me.
  13. Hi,
    I received the documents checklist from Alberta, do I need to download imm 0008, imm 5669, imm 5406 and submit it with my application? Please advice . Thanks
  14. Could you please kindly give me the checklist Alberta emailed you for AINP?
    Thanks for your help

  15. Hi everyone
    I received a Notification of Interest (NOI) from Alberta PNP on the 25th of September 2019, please can anyone help me with a sample of the checklist document. Thanks

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