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Alberta Express Entry Stream

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Second Chance, Jun 15, 2018.

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    kindly also send me group link as
    I have Noi from Alberta and my timelines are
    Noi- 5 march
    response from Alberta- 27 march
    doc delivered- 23 April
    file no.- 24 May
    updated information(in queue)- 5 June
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    please add me I got noi on march 5 my whatss app no.
  3. Please add me to the whatsapp group I also got a AINP NOI. I sent you a private message @AleciaBoo
  4. Did u get any reply from AINP regarding your deactivated profile or u are now processing with new Noi. Please revert.Stuck in similar situation
  5. To those who were able to receive a NOI, can you please also mention if you have a connection in Alberta and what NOC you are in? Just to gauge if this is what they are currently looking for. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I got NOI without any link to Alberta. I have since gotten ITA after being nominated. My NOC is 1122
    Hope this clears your concern
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  7. Thanks for the response and congratulations! Can you also let me know what was your CRS?
  8. 416 at the time I got NOI.
  9. A lot of people are getting NOI and nomination certificate without ties to Ablerta. So u guys can chill. However, AINP processing time has slowed down significantly. Earlier in the year it took about 2-7days to get a file #. Now they are taking about 30-45days to issue file number then another 30-45 days to issie Nomination certificate. Just accept the NOI... Send the required DoCS ASAP and be patient. Alberta seems to be one of the most lenient provinces. So far i havent seen much rejection...so worry not. I have absolutely no ties to the province but got a nomination.
    I am currently getting ready to do my biometric.
    There is hope so please be patient y'all.
  10. NOI- 15 May
    Doc's Delivered- June 3
    NOC 2132
    My express entry profile expires on August 6th,can anything be done of the profile expires before i recieve nomination?
  11. Hi,

    My NOC code is also 1122, could u plz guide me how to apply for alberta province nomination?

    i just created a express entry profile 2 days back.

    Please guide.

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