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Alberta Express Entry Stream

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Second Chance, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. Since the newly installed program Alberta Express Stream came into effect. Does this mean those who got a nomination will get 600 CRS points? I haven't applied yet for permanent residency under provincial nomination. If 600 points will be granted then that means I can resort to Express Entry which is way too faster compare to PNP.
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  2. I guess yes you will use the 600 points to get invited in the draw after you earn the points.

    Do you know what is the eligibility crs score???
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  3. Hi
    I have already applied for Permanent residency under employer driven stream. Waiting for response. Since I have approved AINP, can I apply also under Alberta Express Entry Program. Please help
  4. How can I apply for the express entry stream ?? I haven’t found any eligibility criteria for applying.

  5. What is the eligibility criteria for AINP?
  6. Be aware of the following. Not all Alberta streams are EE streams.
    From what they have stated on their website, you would have to be invited to apply first for their EE PNP stream. So they have not even started with that one yet.
    Please check first with Alberta in order to avoid confusion
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  7. Do you have any idea if I would be eligible without any work / study experience in Alberta .
    Me and my husband’s NOC is on the demand list though.
  8. Unless they will release their hidden criteria, then it is difficult to say.
    I can only assume, that they will go after such people. However in order to do that somebody there must write some intelligent script that will be able to search such people.
    I can also assume that they can apply their negative NOC list (those that would automatically get LMIA rejection).
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  9. Have anyone received Notification of Interest yet? Does computer related NOCs work? like 2174, 2173 etc?
  10. What are those 'negative NOC' that puts LMIA rejection, any example?
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  13. NOI of AINP Express Entry is quite a mystery....I wonder if they are just piloting. Even AOS is not much active. We don't see here anybody saying they were nominated under AOS!
  14. Hi All,

    I did receive the nomination of interest from Alberta Express Entry, I have accepted and submitted my documents to them. They need to verify and then ones approved, I will get 600 points added to my profile.
    Does anyone know how long they take to approve it?
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  15. Hey congratulations,
    Would you mind telling us you crs points, occupation and are living in Alberta, did you studied in Alberta?
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