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AINP nominated candidates march 2019

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Bikram67, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Yup! Exactly. There will be questions in the application where you will put those info. Did you receive nomination already?
  2. Wow pinoy ka rin pala! Thank you, pro wla akong whatsapp as of the moment. Kaya dito lng muna ako sa forum nakikisali haha. All the best!
  3. Yup! Kelan AOR mo? All the best for us!!
  4. By that u mean I would need to mention province Alberta as well for my sister am I right plz do help
  5. Hey did you mention Alberta for your aunt when you filled EE form. Plz do let me know
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    Not yet I haven't applied my federal express entry form yet. I was asking do we have to specify that our relative lives in Alberta when we fill up our Federal Express Entry form (EE) the first form. Did u mention about your aunt when you filled up express entry form. Plz help. I am going to fill that form and enter the pool soon
  7. AOR: 20 June 2019

    Keep us updated! Will keep posted here :)
  8. Hey when we fill EE profile for the first time do we have to show where are our relatives living in Canada..plz help
  9. Hi, I don’t have family and relatives living in Alberta. My agent was the one who initially created my EE profile, so I’m really not well-versed when it comes to this matter.
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  10. CRS 446
    NOC 1122
    awaiting since 3.5 months. No updates regarding nomination yet.
    No relative or connection to Alberta.
  11. Waao that was quick. I received email regarding 'Package received' after 3 months of NOI. I am also from EE
  12. Hope for the best I have seen people at 320 and 400 receive invitation as well. Are you married if yes if you haven't applied your spouse as a secondary applicant do that and make her give IELTS and do a Eca that would increase your points by 12 or 13 this will help you mostly get an ita in few draws
  13. N
    I am single. I am waiting since October, 2018 (my CRS was 453 at that time, now 446) but could not take ITA due to lack of funds. Now I have the funds but the cutt off is high.
  14. Have you tried other PNP programs. You might be able to get through
  15. Try for SNIP or Prince Edward Island. Or you can get married to a girl who is graduated and a good English soeakes

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