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AINP nominated candidates march 2019

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Bikram67, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone, firstly congratulations to all of us for receiving AINP nomination.
    Let's discuss all the issues faced after the nomination and help each other
  2. Did anybody got ITA in the last draw
  3. When will be the next draw? Will it be on Wednesday, April 17?
  4. Yes it is anticipated close to 18th or plus minus one day
    Have you started preparing any documents beforehand
  5. Hopefully the next draw will be on tomorrow 17th.
    those who got nominated should start requesting their Police Clearance and Medical.
  6. Yea, fingers crossed
  7. Don't we need some sort of document from ircc to get our medicals done
  8. No you don't have to . you can do upfront medical. Or you can wait until you get invitation.
  9. Hello All,

    Greeting for the day !!!

    Do we know when will the next Invitation for ANIP through Express Entry happening ?
  10. It's quite regular. Today I got my Nomination certificate . Thank God
  11. They say that they have quota of 6000 candidates to nominate. As the report published on 21st March 2019
  12. Yeah , it's a decent quota.
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  13. Congrats to all those who got Invitation yesterday the final stage start
  14. Any idea about what to upload in the proof of relationship ..
    About who's relationship they are talking about ?
  15. Did you claim 15 points for relative. or have a relative in Alberta
    Then you need to submit a copy of their PR certificate or citizenship card, birth paper ,copy of passport , proof of their address . rental agreement or property tax receipt if they own home.

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