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AINP nominated candidates march 2019

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Bikram67, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Can you please let me know what is your timeline. I have sent my document package on 24th April but till now didn't receive application number. Please let me know of you know any way I can contact
  2. Need advice:

    Received NOI on 9th April
    Sent document package on 24th
    But till now I have not received application number/file number.
    Please suggest how can I contact or anybody in the similar situation.
  3. I am in a similar situation , I have sent the paper work my Manager was contact for details in an email which was responded in 2 days and not waiting for Nomination.....Spoke to an immigration professional who was of the opnion that it will take a month or two more to get the nomination...
  4. NOI: 26th March
    Documents Sent: 4th April
    Received by AINP: 11th April
    Email with file number: 5th July (Yes after 3 months)
  5. Hi everyone can you guys post your CRS score and noc so we can have a idea about AINP. Also did anyone have a relative in Alberta and got preferred. Also do we have to upload location of our relative when we upload our EE profile so the province can know plz do help
  6. CRS 330+ NOC3012 and with Aunt in Canada
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    That's great did u received an NOI from them. Also did u had any work or study ties with Alberta. Plz do let me know. Also while applying EE do we have to particularly mention that we have a relative in Alberta do we have a option to do so. I will be making my profile soon so need to know
  8. I did receive NOI in Feb of this year. They sent me a checklist then sent over the required documents to AINP office within 30 days from the date of NOI. Got nominated in March. I got 600 points from PNP in April, same month I received ITA. I just completed my medical and biometrics last week.

    I do not have study ties with Alberta. My category is EE-PNP outland.

    Hope this helps. ;)
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  9. Thanks alot. Just one more question when you submitted your application for express entry did u had to select having a relative and mention their location as Alberta because your and my situation is almost same my points are 351 and have a sister in Alberta which is their preference I guess
  10. There is an option there for you to list all your relatives in Canada regardless of the province :)
  11. By that u mean I would need to mention province Alberta as well for my sister am I right plz do help
  12. Hi, PPP89. We do have the same NOC. Any changes on your CIC account after biometrics?
  13. None yet, patiently waiting for some good news! Where you from?
  14. Thank you! From Philippines :)
  15. Yay! Same! Gusto mo sumali sa whatsapp for all Pinoys!! :)

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