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Afghan Refugee in Tajikistan

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by splendid2019, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. Hi wonderful people

    I am a Canadian Citizen in Toronto and want to sponsor my sister and her family. I have been trying to form a group of 5 to no avail. Do I have a chance to sponsor them? Please provide advise/share resources. Below are my sister's situation:

    Family of 6
    Refugee status in Tajikistan for 9 years
    hold UNHCR-issued refugee cards

    About me:
    -Resettled to Canada as refugee in 2005 also from Tajikistan through the government assisted sponsorship program.
    -income: $50K expected to increase
  2. Are both of your parents deceased? Do you have any other family in Canada (e.g. aunt, uncle, cousins)?

    How many people in your sister's family?
  3. Hi scylla,
    My parents are alive.
    They are inside Afghanistan. I have many cousins in Canada but they all live out West(BC and Alberta). Unfortunately I had to move to Toronto for job opportunities and I do not know many people here.

    There are 6 in my sister family: Sister, BIL, their 4 children
  4. In that case your only real option is the Group of 5 sponsorship process.

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