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Additional Verifications - What does that mean Please?

Diane Matthie

Star Member
Feb 28, 2019
I got the same reply on my webform query.. "Your file is currently under review and requires additional verifications. As a result, the assessment period will be outside of our posted processing times." I am so confused as to what's happening.. ordered GCMS notes and got the notes in August but notes section looked fine. My AOR is 18th Feb 2019. Any idea what does "additional verifications" mean!
hey did you get PPR and did you find out what they mean about verification?


Hero Member
Mar 18, 2019
Do you mean their standard response to Security Screening, or standard response when asking for an update on your file?
This is not asking an update on your file. They may have queries that they need to investigate internally further. As long as they don’t ask you specifically what is needed, you don’t need to provide anything.