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Abu Dhabi VAC - PR visa / COPR processing time?

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by aknarang, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. EE-PNP how about you? Recieved updated status (approved) on my cic account last Thursday. Hoping it will come anytime soon
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    Hello all,

    Visa for Permanent Resident

    27 May 2018: Passport submitted at VFS Kuwait
    28 May 2018: Received at Abu Dhabi Visa Office
    24 June 2018: Status changed in CIC website as approved, VFS tracking says passport processed
    25 June 2018: Dispatched from Abu Dhabi Visa Office
    26 June 2018: Passport with entry visa and Confirmation of PR received

    Processing Duration
    Working days: 21
    Calendar days: 30
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  3. Family Sponsorship.. let us continue praying that it will come soon.
  4. Update: passport with visa stamp was released one week after submission last June 14. CiC account was updated approved right after.

    Will pick up tomorrow to collect the passports :) praying for everyone’s speedy process
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  5. Congratulations! I hope mine will released soon.
  6. Hi Harry
    Got our passports with VISA. Received it today on 28.6.2018.
    It took 5 weeks to be exact. Hope You get yours soon.
  7. Did you upload your passport in your CIC account?
  8. Hi,
    Have you got your passport back?

    In how many days you got back?
  9. Submitted on May 31 at Muscat VFS and still waiting. Guys any idea how long it would take?
  10. You should report it to IRCC, In your PPR letter it is clearly stating there. "
    PROCESSING TIMES: Your application will be finalized within approximately 4 weeks from the
    date your passport(s) and all the required documents are received. Please allow an additional 1-
    3 days for the return of your passport(s) by courier, if applicable.
    If you have not received your passport after 4 weeks, you may contact us at the London office
    using the email form on our website. Please send all enquiries regarding this application to the
    London office (not the Abu Dhabi office)."
  11. Application approved yesterday, 1 July.
  12. Pp received at Abu Dhabi office on 27th June 2018
    Status got approved and they issued visa on 11th July 2018(today )
    Waiting for courier to deliver.
  13. Wow that's too fast.. why from my case they received last June 14 but still no status approved and no confirmation from VFS abu dhabi. :(
  14. Well I had a upcoming international trip,so I included explanation letter about my trip and requested Ircc to process visa stamping at the earliest.
    Based on my request they considered and processed stamping before my travel date.
  15. Just today my status was changed to Approved maybe next week I my passport will return back to me.

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