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Abu Dhabi VAC - PR visa / COPR processing time?

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by aknarang, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Congrats! Did you get a call from Aramex or VFS Dubai? If they're delivering it tomorrow then you should have it before Eid. Our PPs were received on 14th May as well so hopefully next in line.
  2. Thanks! My consultant sent me the status update on MyCIC and informed that I should have the passport tomorrow (most likely).
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    Do you get an update on MyCIC when the passport is stamped as well? Also, did they update the tracker on VFS?
  4. Congratulation! Honestly, I'm really happy for you!

    Hopefully, the rest of us will receive confirmation soon after Eid.
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    Yes, my consultant sent me a snapshot of MyCIC; It has Document name - counterfoil; document number - XXXXX; status - Your document is valid; expiry date - 2108/09/30 (land by date I guess). The rest of the information is what is in your profile.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you
  7. Congrats! how long it took for them to stamp the visa? my passport been with them since 18 days
  8. We got a confirmation text from VFS today that our passports have been dispatched and our CIC accounts have been updated as approved too .. exactly 30 days after receipt by ADVO .. I would advise everyone to keep checking their CIC account as it was updated before I received confirmation from VFS ..

    Good luck and happy holidays!
  9. Submitted my passport to VFS Dubai on 4th June 2018 and still no update. As per my consultant, he received my port of entry letter on 14th june 2018. still waiting for my passport
  10. Quick update.
    Today I've got my passport back with visa and COPR. It took 31 days since it was received by Canadian Embassy in Abu Dhabi.
  11. Hello everyone,
    Submitted our passports last 14th of June in person, agent said it will be sent only in the canadian embassy after the eid holidays.
    May i ask which date in this forum recieved their PP with visa stamp?
  12. VFS received my passport last June 13, 2018 and they processed the submission on the same date. I hope the process will be faster as i need to leave Saudi Arabia before August 4, 2018 because my Exit Visa will expired on that date.
  13. Mine was received by VFS last June 13 and they submitted it last June 14, 2018. I hope i will received my passport with VISA as soon as possible because i need to exit before August 4, 2018.
  14. Did anybody submitted the passports to embassy or VFS between 20th to 30th May? Can you please share your status?
    I submitted it on 24th May and there is not update as of now.

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