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Abu Dhabi VAC - PR visa / COPR processing time?

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by aknarang, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. I’ve submitted my passport to Abu Dhabi VAC via VFS Kuwait on 4th April.
    Seems like processing time is unpredictable?
  2. Hello, yes I finally received it on the 3rd of April. However, the copr itself was issued on the 27th of March.
  3. Have you received your passport back now?
  4. Hi JOE2019, did you get your passport?
  5. Guys, I submitted my passport to VFS Dubai on 21st February, and until now havent received them. Im really stressed and confused what to do.
    This week I will complete 2 months since passport submission. Please advice what to do.
    I have already written to VFS helpline, no use. Already raise CSE via web form twice for each, both inside and outside Canada, and received very generic responses.
    Looking at the average processing times, I dont get why its taking so long.
    I even called IRCC helpline in Canada, they said the application is processed from their side, its all in the local VO's hands and shall approve it.

    Any inputs will be highly appreciated!
  6. Hi,

    The wait can be quite frustrating, I know. So I submitted on the 3rd of March and my application was approved on the 10th of April. We needed our passports back urgently cos of an upcoming trip so I raised a CSE to Abu Dhabi, sent them direct emails and also sent an email to Ottawa. I don’t know which one did the trick, but they replied telling me when our passports were dispatched
  7. My application isnt even approved as of now, and another thing is my medicals expire in may.i just want to get my passport before may bcos once ramadan starts, there are going to be even more details!
  8. Contact them again, send direct emails to Abu Dhabi
  9. Which Visa office handled your application?
  10. AD VO sent passport on 14 Apr 2019. Hope to get it at least 10 days before end of Ramadan
  11. i hv also sent on 14th april lets hope we get sooner , do u hv ne trip planned ? i hv tickets for may 24th
  12. No I haven’t. Unless passport with visa stamp has not come back I can’t book
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  13. Hello,

    Seeing now that someone submitted his application TWO MONTHS ago, I am worried as I need my passport as i am switching employers...
    Can you please share the emails you used?
  14. Hi dear how are you are you received your passport back?

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