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2019 child caregiver file join here

Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by Sam28111987, May 14, 2019.

  1. HI I applied on May 30 and have not received AOR either. I have not sent WES and IELTS result. Should I wait to send those original paper once I get AOR? I tried to send webform and IRCC said they cannot find my record.
  2. Wait for reply. You will get some reply soon. There is no point to contact webform or send documents without AOR. They will request documents or will return file to reapply with documents. I got mine return because of WES xerox copy.
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  3. i called my physician about my medical and they said we submit your medical, like if there is something wrong then we will contact you but we didn't contact you means everything is good. so you don't need to worry.
    even i also called cic and they said there is no any update we received. sometimes it may take 3 weeks or more to update. but is been a month almost because i have done my medical on 5 june. but there is no any update. am worried but i can do.
    how can i know.
  4. hey , baljit .hundal. Did you apply by yourself or through representative. If, you did apply your PR application with the help of consultant , please do ask her/him if He /she got an email regarding Aor .
  5. I didn’t got any email but they send me hard copy of letter for submission of ECA .when i check my online status with the help of UCI no on letter it shows they send me AOR then after one week they send me letter is there any my email address pro
  6. You don’t need to finish the program for WES to assess you education. However, if you are sure that you have attained at least 1 year post secondary education (Canadian standard), WES will give you an assessment saying just that. You have the same situation as some of my clients and it was not a problem.
  7. Yes.. as long as you meet the requirements.
    - language
    - 1 yr post secondary
    - job offer
    - admissibility
  8. You don’t need a nanny course
  9. You can apply to the new caregiver program. For new program, you just need the following:
    - 1 year post secondary eduction
    - CLB 5
    - admissibility
    - job offer from employer

    You have to be quick though and make sure your application is accurately filed because there is a cap of 2750/stream. If your application gets rejected because of inaccuracies, you might need to wait for a year when the program reopens because the cap will be easily filled.

    Just to give you an idea how popular this new program is, we already received over 300 qualified applications as early as last year and most of them already had a good headstart in preparing their documents. So you have to be fast!
  10. Hi dumplin I have applied by self.but didn’t get any aor yet
  11. Sharing personal timeline here :) Applied through interim pathway. Single. No dependents.
    • Date Received: March 8, 2019
    • Started processing application: March 14, 2019
    • Medical exam passed
    • Requested additional documents: March 27, 2019 (Background check)
    • Invitation of pre-arrival services: March 27, 2019
    • Granted me more time to send original FBI clearance: May 19, 2019
    • Permanent Residence Authorized: July 5, 2019

    So now we wait some more I think :)
  12. Hi guys. Please what will I do if I want to apply as a Caregiver
  13. No i don't have.I have zimbabwean study and south african study.
  14. It depends on your situation but you need to have an employer who will sponsor you first.
  15. So how do I get employer that will sponsor me?

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