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2019 child caregiver file join here

Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by Sam28111987, May 14, 2019.

  1. Hi did you get aor yet ?
  2. Hi,
    No i checked the mail yesterday but I have not got it yet. I sent May 30. If anyone sent similar time please let me know if you got AOR
  3. Thanx for replying.i also applied on 31 may.they are taking too much time.
  4. Hi kabayan!

    I just would like to ask. I'm currently on my PGWP now with NOC 0 job and I'm planning to get my wife. However, she would like to try the new caregiver program but it will take max 12months. My question is, if she will be approved for SOWP and will sta , can she still apply for the new care giver program? or can't she apply for both SOWP and Caregiver program at the same time?

    Thank you
  5. I just received an email from IRCC that they received my application.
    I sent application on May 30
    Received an email from IRCC on July 11th.
  6. Hi I applied caregiver PR in canada. After applying I left canada and waiting in Korea.
    My plan was waiting in Korea while IRCC was processing my application. Please share if you have the similar case. Would this cause any problems ?
  7. Ooo really congratulations
  8. Anybody link file online??
  9. yes. you can do it with your UCI number.
    if you received AOR then. otherwise no.
  10. i applied pr under HMN. i got my my aor march 24. i am done my biometric . after that no up date
  11. Can you explain me how can I link my file online ?
  12. Yes
  13. march 23 pr application received
    march 28 biometric done
    after that no update
    did you get any update after that
    plz inform me
  14. Does anyone here need pcc from kuwait? I just don’t know how to get it cause it said i need to do it in person either go back to kuwait or have a representative which I don’t have or apply to the nearest kuwait embassy and I’m currently in Alberta.
  15. check out the new pathway for caregivers to canada. you just need job offer, no more LMIA or canadian experience. but you still need an employer for the job offer.

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