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2019 child caregiver file join here

Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by Sam28111987, May 14, 2019.

  1. Congratulations. Even i also received my extension of work permit last month on 20th of june. But after medical I don't receive any update on my PR application.
  2. Hi friends ,finally I also got aor .but they demand for my spouse missing information.Is that normal?what would be the next step .i am so worried.
  3. That’s ok just give them everything they need as long as they didn’t reject your application no need to worry. They ask me to redo my history as well cause there’s a missing month now its on process again
  4. When they reopen file after complete all documents??
  5. When did you submit your application?
  6. Yeah after you submit whatever they ask from you they will continue the process
  7. I submitted 5july requested document but no updates
  8. Have you check your application online?
  9. Yes but same like before nothing
  10. Thats i want to ask how long they gonna take once we submitted the file ?? When we will get open work permit ???
  11. I didnt apply through interim path but when they sent your file to vancouver immigration office then what would be the next steps ??
  12. 31 May
  13. And you just got your AOR yesterday?
  14. Yup
  15. Where did you apply?

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