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2019 child caregiver file join here

Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by Sam28111987, May 14, 2019.

  1. I am wondering if you link your paper application to online. The person above you said he or she couldn’t find the interim pathway category to link your application.
    That was exactly like me. I couldn’t link and am just waiting. Is there any other ways that I don’t know?
  2. Hi guys gudnews interim pathway will reopen from 8july for three months.Read Canada visa newsletter.
  3. Hello friends,
    I am still waiting for response form IRCC. Whoever received AOR, can please let me know? How IRCC send AOR? Via email or Mail?
  4. yeah thats true. i also heard about this that interim program is going to reopen again in month of july.
  5. they gonna send you email.
  6. I am also waiting for AOR
  7. Hello friends .. does intake of 2750 applications is applicable on both work visa and pr visa ?? Pleass clarify this doubt
  8. Yes. Because they will assess you for PR but they will give you a work visa first for you to meet the 2-year requirement to process a PR.
  9. As a trained counselor, can I apply under the care giver pathway?
  10. Hi anybody’s received AOR recently??
  11. @baljeet .hundal @preet maan @Subhreet,
    Dear could you please recommend me a reputed institute for 6 months nanny course? Chandigarh or Delhi preferable. Looking forward for your help in this regard. Thank you!
  12. Hello.

    Does anyone know if my family will land as permanent residents here after I get approved of my PR? I am under the Interim Pathway

    Thank you.
  13. Hello, please I am new here and I want to find out what it takes to be an elder caregiver. Thanks and good luck to us all
  14. My file was returned from IRCC because I have sent copy of WES instead of original. Now I attached original WES and sent back.
    Is it common that IRCC returns file instead of just asking original WES document??
  15. When did u apply?? Ur timeline plz

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