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2019 child caregiver file join here

Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by Sam28111987, May 14, 2019.

  1. Hello friends .. i am an indian nurse and planning to apply for nanny visa ..i have some doubts like do i have to obtain experience as a caregiver before applying for visa or as a nurse is accurate ?? And can i apply in january 2020 or i have to apply before .. Please help me friends..Thanks
  2. Hi aman . if you have indian experience as a nurse then you don't need to get experience as caregiver.
  3. Thanks dear for replying
  4. Hi Kim , do you got any update about application?
  5. how can i know that my medical is submitted by physician?
  6. Hi ,how we can link our paper application online as interim pathway.I tried it but there is no option of this category.
  7. did you received AOR? if yes then use your UCI number to login.
  8. @Fullmoonstrawberry

    I noticed in a thread you posted earlier in the year regarding experience acquiredin Canada as a PGWP Holder being eligible for Interim Pathway for Caregivers.

    My situation: I studied for 2 years in Canada. Obtained a 3 year PGWP last year. Expires in 23 months from now. I started working in a Elderly Home as a PSW since Sept 2018. I wasn't hired as a FT worker, but have worked FT hours as I will reach 1600 hours by September when the program will be reopened.

    So I also had those questions:
    1) Can PGWP work experience be eligible for the Interim Pathway for Caregivers?
    2) Is the requirement 1560+ hours that they consider or is it literally having worked as a registered FT employee working at least 30+ hours per week?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello friends .. i need your advice for my case.. the thing is that i m 8 th month pregnant at present . Can i apply for work permit along with family now?? Please advice me
  10. I need your help dear.. please advice me
  11. Hi Aman, I cannot say anything about it . But frankly saying if you are pregnant then you should wait until 2 to 3 months .
  12. Okay dear . Thank you for replying
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  13. Hi,

    To start with, I am not a immigration lawyer and this is my personal opinion.
    Interim pathway is closed so please forget about this pathway. Two new pathways are just open and check the eligibility. It doesn’t matter what types of work permit you have for the new pathways. I believe you can apply as long as you meet the eligibility.
    Q2) I don’t know about what FT is. You can call CIC and ask this question to representative. I can’t really give this answer.

    All the cases are different so there is no right answer. Good luck
  14. You can call your Doctor office to ask. That is what I did.

    Also, I called CIC. You can ask if you pass your medical exam. The representative in the call centre will let you know how your application is going.

    I talked with one of the representative and told me I technically have to wait for 12months to receive final decision although this pathway’s process is going fast.

    I really hope I don’t need to. As you ladies know, someone already received PR in 3months after she applied.

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