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2019 child caregiver file join here

Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by Sam28111987, May 14, 2019.

  1. i also submit my application by myself. is your application is complete. when they received it? any idea?
  2. I tracked my envelop and they recieved it May 31, Its not complete because I'm still waiting for my celpip original test result but I provided the receipt of the exam.
  3. Hi preet.. yup I have 2yrs experience in Canada as home support worker.
  4. Hi Kim I am also in the same boat plz let me know if you get aor.
  5. When did you submitted your application?
  6. 31may. I also did not attach ielts orginal report .
  7. I will update you, let's keep in touch. I'm praying and hoping that we will have a result of our application this week. All the best for all of us.
  8. Hopefully we will get good news soon . Thanx
  9. Hello guys,
    I have submitted my application in Interim pathway on 21st May and it reached to the case processing centre (Edmonton)on 24 May but didn’t receive my AOR yet .
    Those who submitted application on 31st May , there is nothing to worry about . Because I heard from one of my friend that She recieved her AOR after 25 days so right now, only we can have patience . everyone will get her/His AOR soon .

    I wish you all the best :)
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  10. Hi Dumplin. your information means a lot for everyone. thanx plz keep us updated...
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  11. Hi,everyone here,
    I have seen and read the trends of Interim Pathway and non is exactly get update when after you received your AOR or post medical.
    I applied elderly high medical needs through Interim Pathway.I have one dependent.

    My AOR -March 26,2019
    April 2-letter request of medical and my FBI(original)
    April 6- medical done
    April 15- medical sent to IRCC by Md Panel
    May 2-Medical furtherance for my son requested
    May 13-Md Panel submitted medical furtherance
    June 7-Letter of PR Approval received

    We are currently waiting for our PR schedule appointment from Etobicoke Immigration Center

    Ext work permit submitted-June 3
    Approved-June 11,2019

    I hope that I boost everyone’s hope who applied Interim Pathway,as it is fast than I expected.

  12. Well, it’s really exciting and great news to hear about and Congratulations to you! :)

    Some people here weren’t able to sent whole complete applications (pending Ielts results or pending Wes evaluation) because of shorter time window of this Interim program . It also depends on the stars to lol I amnot sure if everyone believe in that !

    When did you get your pre -arrival service letter after the AOR?Mathel1216
  13. Thank you.
    April2 pre arrival service letter
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  14. congratulations mathel.
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