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2018 Spousal Sponsorship in-land Applications: timeline and updates

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Can_loves_Aus, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. My application receive Dec 17 and got AOR on January 22nd
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    I'm Dec 18! That made me super excited \0/
    Thanks for sharing.
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  3. Hi, I have a question. Is it necessary to include the original of the marriage certificate? Our marriage took place in Canada. I don't think it is possible to get the second original in Canada if we submit the original to CIC.
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  4. Look up your country specific requirements, if your country specific requirements state that you should submit originals of your documents then you should submit the originals, if it doesn't mention anything then the regular photocopy will do since your document is already in English/French.
  5. We submitted a copy of our marriage certificate... and yes, I also suggest double checking the list of requirements prior to submission. It's all in the guide.
  6. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums, hoping to get a little help as this is so confusing! My husband is sponsoring me for PR. He's Canadian and I'm American. I have been living with him for the last 6 months in Canada and will be applying for an extension of my visitor record to hopefully stay while our application is being processed. I have a few questions, hope I'm not too annoying lol

    First, do I have to file inland? We have on the application that I'm living with him in Canada.

    Second, I do not have photos of my 17 year old son who lives in the states with his father. Can I send those later or will they return my application without them?

    And finally 3rd, I do travel to the states every couple months just for the weekend to see my son. If I DO have to file inland will I still be allowed to do this as long as I keep legal status?

    Thank you in advance! Anxiety is through the roof! Lol
  7. Hi there, (1) you can either choose to apply inland or outland. Though I've heard it's faster to process via outland; the downside is, when you are already required to have the Landing Interview you should go back to the US (I think?). But you can apply outland even while you're in Canada.

    In inland application, you can also apply the Open Work Permit at the same time. Downside is slower processing.

    So, it's really up to you :)

    (2) I don't think they'll return it but if you can wait until you have the pictures to send along the application, the better. You actually just needed the pictures to establish the relationship between you and your husband anyway. (Someone correct me if I am wrong)

    (3) You can travel outside while your inland application is in progress as long as you have the proper documents to return back to Canada and only for short trips. The premise of inland processing is that you have to stay in Canada with the spouse until permanent residence application is complete. If not, I think the outland application is more appropriate in your case as you can travel to and fro the US.
  8. Thank you! We are going to go the outland route, with going back to the states as often as we do I think it would be better and less stressful lol As far as the photos of my son, I meant the pictures like your passport photos that you have to have done and send in. He isn't accompanying me to Canada but I saw recently that I have to include photos of him and he needs a medical exam as well? His father isn't the most reliable person in the world so I'm worrying about that as well.
  9. Ohh okay, I don't think you have to send the passport photo of your son if he is non-accompanying. Check the document checklist if it says so. I checked mine just now it says to only send in accompanying members' and of course the principal applicant's 2 required photos.

    As for the medical exam, wait for the request from the CIC. It doesn't have to be done right away anyway. Only upon request if they would also require one for your son.

    I think just get the police clearance from the FBI in advance. Heard it takes a lot of time for them to process. All members of the family must obtain police checks I think whether accompanying or non-accompanying.
  10. i got an email saying i have to link my application online (No luck of Linking so far).. also still no AOR as of today January 30,2018
    December 15,2017 applicant
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  11. I'm pretty sure this is your AOR. Congrats!!!
  12. That is your AOR!
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  13. There are a lot of posts in other forums on how to link your application. In the 2017 forum someone had posted instructions with pictures but I couldn't find that post. Some of the suggestions were to leave place of birth blank, also number of applicants is two (counts sponsor too). This forum might help too:
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    Like what they said, that's your AOR.

    What worked for me is to use the option Application Number and Last Name. Supply the information then the drop-down options for the category, etc. Click Search then it'll tell you which other information you need to fill in, the ones with the arrows, NOT the asterisks.
  15. You can also try this:

    Category: Permanent Residence
    Subcategory: Family (Spouse)

    Use UCI and Family Name
    -> do not enter anything in the town/city of birth and Country (leave it blank)

    Proceed to Passport Info:
    - passport number
    - country of issue
    - issue and expiry date

    Enter personal info:
    - intended residence (province and city)
    - current marital status
    - number of applicants: put 2 (if there's only 1 PA and 1 sponsor)

    Link. Hope it works! Just remember that all entries you put must match the entries you've written in your application as well.

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