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Linking application issue

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by abdisarockstar, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Hello folks!

    I recently got my application number and the UCI for my application for permanent residence via Manitoba PNP. I received an email from CIC on Friday mentioning about linking the application to cic.gc.ca so that it is easier to go ahead with the application. I have quoted the email below:

    Dear X:

    To continue processing your application, you must link your application to an online account.
    To link your application to your online account:
    Search for “link my application” on Canada.ca and follow the instructions.
    Link your application within seven calendar days from the day you receive this letter for faster processing times.
    After you create your online account, you will:
    get instructions to send us other documents we need
    see real-time information about your application status
    receive messages from us in your online account
    When your application is linked to your account, you will no longer receive messages from us by mail.
    If you choose not to link your application:
    It could take us longer to process your application.
    We will continue communicating with you or your representative by email or regular mail.

    However I am trying since Friday to link my application using the family name and first name and UCI and application number and what not but it is not working and says that application cannot be found. Now they have given me 7 days to do so but if it doesnt allow me then how should I link it? did anybody else face the same issue? please help guys! :(
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  2. Hi,
    I found this post in another forum, maybe helpful for you.

    1. Create a MyCIC account.

    Go to http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/e-services/account.asp
    If you have an account at one of the partner institutions listed on the page, you can use your credentials from there to sign in. If not, then create a new account.
    2. Set up a GCKey account.

    Bookmark the CIC sign-in page as this same page is used both to set up a new MyCIC account and to sign-in to your account once you have created one.
    Click on the 'Continue to GCKey' button.
    In the sign-in screen, click on the 'Sign Up' button on the right.
    Pick a username, password, and recovery information.
    3. Link your application to your MyCIC account.

    Disclaimer: This part has been tricky and inconsistent for different users. To link your account, you have to enter a particular combination of information, and that set of information seems to vary person by person.

    Log in to your MyCIC account (described above) in the ‘Welcome to GCKey’ screen.
    In the ‘Welcome XXXX’ screen, click on the Continue button.
    In the ‘Terms and Conditions’ screen, click the ‘I Accept’ button.
    In the ‘Identity Validations’ screen, you are asked one of your security questions. Answer it and click on the ‘Continue’ button.
    In your CIC Account screen, scroll down to the headings marked ‘Link an existing application to this account’ and click on the ‘Link application to this account’ button.
    In the ‘Link Application’ screen:
    Scroll down to the ‘category’ drop list and select ‘Permanent Residence’. This displays a Sub-Category.
    In this sub-category drop list, select the correct sub-category (i.e., Family Class (Spouses)). This displays an ‘Application details’ section.
    In the ‘Application Details’ section and in the 'Please select one' drop list, select the combination of data items you want to use to try to link your application. Most of them have been reported to work, but one has worked for many people is the 'Application Number and Family Name' option. See below for details on this.
    There does not appear to be any magic best route with guaranteed success. Also note that there is a maximum of 5 attempts to link in any one 24 hour period allowed (although some have reported that it locks out after 4 failed attempts). You can of course have another 5 attempts the next day etc. But a logical approach to the various data permutations you use and persistence seem to pay off. Many people have made 15-30 different combination attempts over several days before they succeeded.

    One of the oft-quoted ‘secrets of success’ seems to be to enter the bare minimum of information the screens will accept, rather than simply completing each and every field presented on the screens (you can use the 'failed validation warnings', so the red arrows that appear telling you what you have missed when you try to submit).

    One particular route to success that several people have had luck with is the ‘Application number / Family name’ option:

    Select the ‘Application number and family name’ option.
    Chose number of applicants as 2 (i.e. the Principal Applicant and the Sponsor)
    Enter the application number allocated by CIC and the family name
    Attempt to submit, a validation error occurs
    The validation red arrows indicate that only the birth details section is required (i.e. none of the passport section was highlighted - the drop lists for the passport sections were still available for editing however, normally the unnecessary fields tended to be grey out and turned off).
    The above is merely one example that succeeded for several people by a process of trial and error.

    Once you successfully link the application, you will see a summary in your CIC ‘Account’ screen.

    Scroll down into the ‘What would you like to do today?' section
    Further down there is a ‘View my submitted applications or profiles’ sub-heading. Your application for permanent residence appears here.
    Click on the blue ‘check status and messages’ button to display tracking details.
    [edit]What do the various statuses mean?
    Item Statuses
    Application / Profile Status Open
    Review of eligibility Not started
    Review in progress
    Review of medical results Not needed at this time
    Review in progress
    We need medical information
    Review of submitted documents Only refers to the review of additional documents that are requested
    Scheduling an interview Not needed at this time
    Need to schedule
    Interview cancelled
    Interview rescheduled
    A background check is needed Not started
    Not needed at this time
    In progress
    Final decision Not started
    Application approved
    Application refused
    Applicatoin Withdrawn
    Note that 'A background check is needed' is the final step before a decision (for outland applications). Early indications are that this final step takes day or weeks (i.e.not months). When 'Background check' shows as 'In process', 'Review of eligibility' will also remain as 'In process' (this is not an error, since failure of a background check will affect eligibility).
  3. Wow this is quite helpful. Thanks a lot. I will try again tonight since can't try today or I will get blocked. So how do they count 24 hours? From the time you first try it?
  4. I wondered if you can get done ! I tried several days but no luck to get my application link up with MYCIC account
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  5. hello, I tried doing it with family name, first name and date of birth in INTERNET EXPLORER and MAGIC! You just gotta keep trying mate. I have no knowledge of a full proof solution. I was earlier trying in Chrome and Microsoft Edge but on my first attempt in Explorer I was successful. But again, I am certain that this is not an issue with the browser per se.
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  6. Hello. To people who are still wondering the procedure to crack this: you have to enter your birth place as the city and province. Example: Toronto, Ontario. Or Mumbai, Maharashtra. It accepts the application link immediately. Confirmed that with CIC
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  7. Hi all, I have a question and could not find the answer.

    I finally was able to link my PNP PR application to my account. Now it shows that "Your action is required".
    I'm confused, what does that mean? No messages are attached. What action is required?? Did someone experience anything like that?

    Thanks a lot
  8. Application CIC received on Aug 8th, I am still not able to link my application even that I have tried different ways...how long it takes till they add application on system? When I will be avalaible to link application...?
    ...what is the right way to link the application on cic section
    >Permanent Resident>Provincial nominees
  9. Hi, were you able to link your UCI to the online account? I am having a problem regarding that , and it seems you're ahead of me and I believe you already linked it?

    I am very grateful if you could help me :(

  10. Lolz, Internet Explorer, yes, I think so as when I filled the forms, I had to use IE instead of FF or Chrome, how amazing it was hahah
  11. Hello,

    Thank you so much for quoting this instruction here.

    I already linked my account to the site. However, I received this list of requested documents that I am not sure if I understand it well:

    => So I have to send them the 3 documents but instead of send them hard copies, I have to:
    - Work to get CSQ + Police Certificate, and then Scan them in colour, after that upload the files to send them to CIC?
    - Schedule A Online: fill the form online, then print it out + sign, after that upload the file to send it to CIC?

    I have to make sure send them before the deadline.

    --> If you have experience about it, please tell me if I understand the requests from CIC correctly?

  12. Hi All,

    I had submitted my application on Aug 29 2017, as of today it shows status as in process.

    Its been over 2 months now, what do you think my application is rejected or approved. I had paid all the fees at one time.

    I have doubt of rejection because i had mistakenly mentioned my postgraduate diploma as degree and had secured relevant points while creating online account. However while submitting my application for PR. I clearly mentioned to them that this happened by mistake and i am still eligible for PR after recalculating points.

    Can anyone help me. I am in stress. Also someone informed me that if it has taken over 2 months, it means they have agreed and you will get PR as in case of rejection they inform very early and doesnot take 2 months time.

    Help me guys.
  13. hi!

    i think you have just to wait ..
    I passed my papers to IRCC dated 31 July 2017 , then received an Acknowledgment thru email dated 21 Sep 2017. After that , medical request dated 12 Oct 2017 . I am from Philippines .. how about you ? .

    i think the feedback is vary depends on the locations, just a thought.
  14. I submitted my application on September 26 2017. Just in 40 days my husband (sponsor) got his first AOR saying that the application was received.
    Yesterday 8th November, I recieved a request to submit medical report, isn't this too early and strange?
    Today 9th November I received an email saying that I can now link the application online (I tried multiple times but failed to do so, I have 6 more days)
    The last paragraph of todays email says:
    "For your application, we have identified that there are documents which are missing and we will request."

    Did anyone get the similar kind of email? Is an early medical request abnormal?
  15. Hi

    I think its good on your end that you have your medical request earlier, nothing to worry about. its just that, i think, they expedite the request and fortunately you were included. And in regard to your application online, did you linked it already? . if not, heres the tip:
    1. its okay to make another account if the trials are not successful until you have successfully linked it. Mine, i think i made 4 GCKey accounts until i got it.
    2. try use your application number and family name . then just put space in the City/Town of birth , so its blank. then the rest dont answer it.
    3. then hit search for my application,
    if the system tells you to fill up some required details , thats the time you fill up the required fields.
    4. Then hit search again. Well , it works on my end . I think the key here is just hit spacebar in the City/Town of Birth.

    then on your last paragraph. i dont have that message, its probably , your submitted papers is not complete. You have to try link your account multiple times so that you can have your action in regards with the incomplete papers.

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