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2018 Quebec Inland Spouse/Common law sponsorship applicants only - timelines

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by basket90, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. In the facebook group, another april Quebec applicant got DM. Her timeline is this:
    Applied: April 2018
    Medical: September 2018
    Background check start: January 2019
    SA and Applicant Approval: April 26th
    Decision Made: April 27th
    Letters from Vancouver office
    Waiting on interview letter
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  2. I spoke with IRCC yesterday and asked them about the Quebec cap. They told me that they were not impacted by cap that provinces may impose, as the provinces will deal with those themselves. So that basically, if we received CSQ, it's out of Quebec's hand and the decision resides with the federal. And they specifically mentioned that the federal is not responsible to apply provincial cap in their treatment of applications.

    So now I'm a bit confused. I don't think the quotas Qc added this year are impacting us, as it was related to skilled workers, and if my memory is right, QC said they wouldn't touch quotas for spouse/family for now.

    Also, is it me or does it seem like fall applications are treated faster than before? and if so, I wonder how that will impact Quevec applicants.
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  3. Hi,
    I spoke with a new friend of mine who got PR form sponsorship last year , he said he never received SA , he got AIP , 7 days after that he got Landing interview , how did he get PR without SA ? it’s weird no?
  4. No, it happens, sometimes applicants don't receive the SA letter. Some don't even get AIP. Some get pre-arrival services letter, most don't. But you can he sure the sponsorship was approved. He probably had Decision Made on sponsor side on ecas. Maybe he didn't notice when it happened, but if your ecas says Decision Made, most likely the sponsorship was approved.
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  5. i just think its the way it is they give us timeline for a reason 12 months thats it if get it before that your are one of the lucky ones but wait until the timeline expires then worry after hehhee..if you worry anything u heard on the news you will go crazy. anyway we cannot do anything about it... just enjoy Quebec! Cheers!
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  6. hi friends , i got AIP ( lettre de recevabilité ) , dm on sponsor side , and work permit yesterday , i think it's moving for Quebec Applicants or i hope it , i'm september 10 applicant , i went to apply for health card too , good luck for all of us.
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  7. Yeah! I'm so happy for you!! This must be a huge relieve!! Congrats!

    For me, sept. 24 applicant still no news on this end.. I'm working now for 3 months and have finally the RAMQ health card and access to a lot of benefits from my work place... as I don't have any vacation soon I wont travel eighter.. so I'm not really in a hurry to get AIP or SA ;-)
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  8. Thank you so much , you dont know how much i needed this to happen , i couldnt work neither travel or anything , i'm happy for you , i hope you will get AIP and PR asa you wish
  9. My timeline is in my signature. Copying it here:

    Inland spousal sponsorship, residents of Quebec
    Application delivered in Mississauga --------------------------------- 2018/11/06
    Application linked --------------------------------------------------- 2018/11/27 (before AOR)
    AOR email ------------------------------------------------------------ 2018/11/28
    Received Quebec undertaking request letter --------------------------- 2018/12/06 (dated 2018/11/28)
    Undertaking application delivered in Montreal ------------------------ 2018/12/11
    Received CSQ --------------------------------------------------------- 2019/01/17 (issued 2019/01/14)
    Background Check started and RCMP fingerprints request --------------- 2019/03/04
    Collected fingerprints at an RCMP accredited office ------------------ 2019/03/06
    Received my copy of RCMP fingerprint check results and uploaded it --- 2019/03/18 (a physical copy had also been sent directly to CIC)
    CIC "We need..." changed to "We received the additional documents" --- 2019/03/19
    Ghost update ("Application/profile updated", no difference inside) --- 2019/04/25
    Medical Request received --------------------------------------------- Still waiting

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  10. did you apply for work-permit
  11. No.
    I already had a valid open work permit until 2021 (post-graduation)
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  12. Good for you and good luck
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  13. My timeline:

    Application received: March 14
    AOR received (email): April 27
    CSQ requested by IRCC: May 2
    OWP: no update yet

    Question please:

    For the Quebec applications, do we get OWP first or CSQ request from IRCC? Because I have seen one applicant (inland March 2019) who received her OWP first and then IRCC requested CSQ. So I am confused as I have seen many Quebec applicants’ timelines which show that they are getting CSQ request, then medical and then they are getting OWP.

    Please help me to understand, thanks a lot! And good luck to all !!

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    Hi guys
    I received my gcms notes, they are still working on my criminality. I also didn’t see any notes on Quebec cap or quota and my file is in Montreal.
  15. My crminality will be longer , two countries , mine and another one ... , since you are 12 september you will get something soon , good luck

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