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2018 Quebec Inland Spouse/Common law sponsorship applicants only - timelines

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by basket90, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. Hi @basket90 !

    I've got SA from Montreal Hub.
  2. This is my time line:

    App. sent:
    Aug. 10 2018 (Police certificate and Schedule A submitted upfront).
    App. received: Aug. 13 2018
    AOR: Sept. 6 2018
    CSQ request: Sept. 14 2018
    CSQ app sent: Sept. 17 2018
    CSQ received in mailbox: Oct. 18 2018 (issued Oct. 11 2018)
    Medical request: Oct. 31 2018
    Medical Exam Date: Nov. 1 2018
    Medical Passed: Nov. 20 2018
    OWP approval: Nov. 21 2018
    OWP received: Nov. 26 2018
    AOR 2: FEB. 21 2019
    DM Sponsor side ECAS: Mar. 22 2019
    DM email: Apr. 16 2019 with update in ECAS on Apr. 17 2019

    -> They are reviewing PA eligibility. BGC hasn't started yet.

    Hope MTL office respects processing time frame. :(
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  3. Private medical insurance only covers emergencies and usually excludes any known conditions unless they have been well controlled for a long time. Seems like you only applied in September so you are in the 1 year timeframe that is the target for all of Canada.
  4. wait so you have DM on both sides in ecas now??
  5. No, sorry if this is confusing.

    I've got DM status in ECAS but I haven't received any communication of the decision in the following days. Finally, in April 16th my sponsor got SA letter by email...almost one month after ECAS status changed.

    I don't have DM on PA side....they are still reviewing eligibility, and my BGC hasn't started yet.
  6. Oh ok thanks for clearing it up. Weird that it took them so long to forward your SA letter.
    Best of luck to you
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  7. I dont understand. I thought you guys apply for CSQ before apply for sponsorship??? How can it low down the sponsorship process when you apply CSQ before???
    Anw, I almost reach the 13 months of waiting
  8. Btw, I think QC lows down the amount of ppl to immigrate to QC because many people after got PR, they move to other province instead of staying in QC
  9. Are you a Quebec applicant?
    We apply first sponsorship, than rather early in the sponsorship process we receive the request to undergo the CSQ process. Usually it takes a month to get the CSQ and it's requested shortly after AOR in the sponsorship process. As I mentioned in previous posts, I don't think the CSQ is what slows us Quebec applicants down, but the fact that there are limitations imposed by Quebec of how much persons can immigrate per year and that this limit just got lowered.
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  10. I checked on different pages, spreadsheet and forums, it looks like the backlog for Quebec applicants starts quite early in the year.. are there any Quebec applicants from applicants before July having received more than SA and/or AIP?
  11. I only know of one Quebec applicant in these canadavisa forums who got DM both sides, has landed and even received his PR card. He is a Feb 2018 applicant who got DM on PA side in December 2018. You can see his full timeline in his signature or profile. Here is a link to one of his posts.
    And in the facebook group Canada Spousal Sponsorship Support Group, just saw an April 2018 applicant who got DM on April 23. She didn't specify but I think it is both sides.
    I think there are some September QC applicants with DM too.
  12. My timeline:
    Inland sponsorship app sent: 15th May 2018
    App recieved: May 16 2018
    AOR: June 27 2018
    Quebec undertaking request: July 5 2018
    Quebec undertaking sent to MIDI: 17 July 2018
    Quebec undertaking AOR: 26 July 2018
    Approved Open Work Permit: 23 August 2018
    Medical request: 10 October 2018
    Medicals done: 31 October 2018
    Sponsorship approval 4 February 2019
    Approved in principal 5 February 2019
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  13. Yes I am Quebec application. I called and they told me that I needed to apply for CSQ first.
    As I mentioned that the limit is getting lower every year, because of after having the PR, people start to move to another province instead of staying in QC
  14. Thank you for your contribution, it really does not look good!

    No, at least not in the September group of canadavisa, there is no Quebec applicant with DM on PA side, three have DM sponsor side (SA) and AIP on PA side. Nothing else!! Two from sept. 11 and the other from sept. 17.
  15. That's weird! We had a consultant for preparing and there was never the question of applying CSQ upfront!
    I think they lowered the limit this year because of the Quebec goverment changes that took place in autumn!!
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