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2018 Quebec Inland Spouse/Common law sponsorship applicants only - timelines

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by basket90, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. That was my first thought, too. But then I've read another article about it some time ago on radio canada concerning the 18'000 non treated files. Although the main article isn't about our immigration class, there was a general part that mentioned that even if you have the CSQ it does not mean you will got the PR strait away. Apparently Mississuga has to make a choice and is limited in the number of applications they approve for Quebec. So Mississuga seems not have the right to pass a certain quota given by Quebec. In the end it will only mean that our application will take maybe longer than the others or than the 12 months... time will tell

    Concerning your comment about that it takes longer for us because of the CSQ, I don't think so, we all got the CSQ before the other started their review of eligibility.
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  2. For the ones who got already a communication (SA or AIP letter) from CIC: which office /HUB was mentioned on the bottom? I'm just wondering if all Quebec applicants are maybe treated at the same office or not... thanks
  3. Mississauga
  4. Nothing here either:(

    Applied for Inland Spousal Sponsorship for PR & OWP
    June 29 2018
    - Application sent.(Police certificate from home country and Schedule A submitted upfront)
    July 03 2018 - Application delivered to Processing Centre.
    August 09 2018 - AOR 1
    August 20 2018 Request for CSQ and undertaking application
    August 27 2018 CSQ and undertaking application sent
    August 28 2018 CSQ and undertaking application received by MIDI
    October 24 2018 Medical Request
    November 1 2018 RCMP Police Clearance Certificate
    November 2 2018 Medical exam done
    November 15 2018 Medical results have been received
    February 22 2019 Both Sides Federal requirements for Eligibility approved
    March 01 2019
    Work Permit Issued
  5. I dont think you need to worry about the 18k files that only concerns skilled workers.. i know a lot of people got approved.. and its under 12 months even.. not only spouse its the whole family.. We need CSQ and review of eligibilty as well.. we all go through a process of review of eligibility... but other province dont require CSQ.. so their case got treated first.. so even u got the your CSQ your “review of eligibilty wasnt started yet dont get confused CSQ is different for review of your eligibity.. dont worry in i think were right on track atleast for most of the people i know
  6. It's not about the 18,000 QSWP applications (which are now causing a backlog in the Montreal office) it's the fact that Quebec reduced the 2019 immigration cap from 50,000 to 40,000 resulting in a delay in approval for QC applicants
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  8. You might be right
  9. I hope I am right
  10. Amyroiy, I think you still don't get what I wanted to say but never mind...

    Thx Linda, that's what I meant...

    ..and we already have the CSQ so it is not the CSQ part/step that slows us down it's that mybe the cap is already reached and we will have to wait until early 2020 to be approved by Mississauga.. difficult to say right now..

    I see that this cap story is a general part and that Quebec has set lower caps also for our class, that could cause delay for us... but I have no idea of how much the backlog for our class could be.. let's be patient and hope for the best
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  11. It’s taking too long specially for us (out of status) , i had to pay 1200$ just to see a doctor , I can’t work neither , CSQ doesn’t give you even a health card , now i’m looking for a private insurance , i hope i can get a private health card even though i’m Out of statut
  12. I totaly understand, I only got my health card a week ago. After I got my OWP, the 3 month wait started only at my first day of work. Until now I was insured trough my partner, it was kind of the private travel insurance from his job insurance company. But it covered for urgencies. So maybe an option for you? I really hope that for you guys there will be a decison made soon!!
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  13. I just feel that it’s unfair for us compared to the applicants from other provinces
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  14. Thank you so much for your kind words and help , i hope the same or better for you too

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