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2018 Quebec Inland Spouse/Common law sponsorship applicants only - timelines

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by basket90, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. What’s next step? After eligibility?
  2. Decision made and landing letter
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  3. Hi guys did you get any updates?
  4. no nothing...
  5. Nothing here either :( It seems it usually takes at least 10 months before principal applicant DM for Quebecers..I hope I am wrong though and that we can get processed faster like others :)
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  6. hi Friends , anyone from august who got something ?
  7. I received my GMCS notes today and the agent review my file left this note:


    Does anyone here know what this is about? I feel like this probably has to do with the reason why Quebec applications take longer. Does anyone know if there is a cap on the number of spousal sponsorship applications IRCC can approve for those that come from Quebec? If so, how many applications is it?
  8. I don't get why they didn't yet start the security verification. I also ordered GMCS notes last week. How long did it take to get yours?
  9. Ordered them March 19 and got them today
  10. I did a quick search and found this..

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  11. Thanks for sharing! I read through it. Not sure how to interpret the data in light of our context, but one thing for sure is they are reducing the number of applications they approve, even for family reunification. One thing that is not clear to me is that I thought this had more to do at just the provincial level. I thought that once you had a CSQ, it was now out of Quebec's hands
  12. Hi everyone, I signed up to this forum because I felt like I really needed to take part in this dicussion here after having been a spectator for a while now. What Melito posted above is troubling, as I was under the impression that the spousal stream was entirely under federal jurisdiction, so reading about some sort of ''cap'' being in place is making me extremely nervous. In the article linked to above, they mention: "Family reunification and refugee intake remains under the purview of the federal government, though Quebec has mooted that it would like to take over jurisdiction of family reunification at some point".

    So then what is this "cap" referred to above in the screenshots? And I wonder also as a side question what is its legal basis? Honestly: how can an immigration cap legally be in place for family reunification in one province only? Would the existence of a "cap" violate the terms of the 1995 Canada-Quebec Accord, which is (still?) the legal framework governing the roles at national and provincial levels (see specifically Section II no. 13)? Did I miss something and/or was the CAN-QC Accord amended recently?

    I don't want to overreact and I am sure everyone is stressed out about this whole process. I also don't want to downplay anyone else's experience but I just want to find out more about this "cap" as I am very surprised to read this...
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  13. I also really want to know what this cap is. It kind of worried me out to read this in my notes, though I am not sure it is something to really worry about
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  14. I don’t think we need to worry about it yet coz it’s say once they issued a CSQ its already under federal jurisdiction. We are still on the given time frame..some applicants get there decision first because we need to get on another process which is getting a CSQ which takes a month or so.. no need to worry guys.. waiting time for is only 15 week! Just wait for the final decision and landing interview
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