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2017 Dec / 2018 Jan applicants !ONLY!

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by leolea, May 27, 2019.

  1. Did you get any other ghost update than on 16 may as I got ghost update on 14th may and still waiting for extension of medical
  2. Yes. Ppr and DM same day.
  3. I am not aware of any other GU. I didnt call them either so I dont know what that GU is about.
  4. —————————
    Jan 08 2018 - Received(Sydney NS)

    Feb 14 2018 - AOR (file number)

    May 28 2018 - Medical Request

    Jun 14/21 2018 Medical Done

    Jul 12 2018 - Medical Pass

    Aug 03 2018 - Request letter
    (my country police check)

    Aug 06 2018 - Pre-Arrival letter


    Jun 07 2019 - Ghost Update

    (but nothing changed)
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  5. My time is
    AR 29 March 2018
    AOR 3 March 2018
    MR-13 June 2018
    MP-26 June
    Pre arrival -16 August 2018
    Nothing since that

    My bridge visa will be expired in the same day as medicine, and I really hope when will open my file for BOWP they give me PR as well :)
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  6. im hoping you get your PPR soon aswell as the other Dec 2017 and Jan 2018 applicants
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  7. My full profile is :

    Ar: Jan 22 2018
    AOR: Feb 20 2018
    MR: June 10 2018
    MP: june 23 2018
    Pre arrival: August 23 2018

    nothing after that.. It is kinda worrying that so many applicants got ghost update and i did not.. but then i realised that all the ghost updates usually had medical request in may... you are the first one who had mr in June and u were informed that security done.. I called like 10 days ago.. Cic agent said that background check in progress.. I asked if i need to do medical again and he said no need to do it as they will extend if needed... I just hope i get ghost update atleast... really really tired of this wait
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  8. Same timeline AR 22 Jan 2018
    No update...
  9. Full timeline?
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  10. Ar 22 Jan 2018
    Aor 22 feb 2018
    Mr 5 June 2018
    MP 29 June 2018
    Waiting .....
  11. look like we share the same timeline.
    looks like we have the same timeline, i logged in today and saw "application/profile updated" this could be the ghost update.
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  12. Good afternoon Everyone!
    If you have any update,
    Please share your time line :)

    Jan 08 2018 - Received
    June 07 2019 - Ghost Update

    still nothing changed on CIC & Ecas
  13. Got my PPR this morning

    AR: Jan 15th 2018
    AOR: Feb 20th 2018
    MR: June 20th 2018
    MP: July 5th 2018
    Pre-arrival: Aug 15th 2018

    GU: May 21st 2019
    DM & PPR: June 10th 2019 (DM might have come earlier, I didn't check)
    No update in GCKey

    Good luck all Dec 2017 and Jan 2018, your PPR rain is coming very soon!
    We so deserve this long time ago!
  14. Got a second Ghost update, and since my medical expired on June 7, it changed to “you do not need a medical”, it’s worrying me, hopefully get DM rather than a second medical request.
    AR Jan 08, 2018
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  15. 01.19 received
    02.22 FN
    06.04 MER
    06.24 MEP
    08.10 pre-arrival
    I called IRCC today. Agent said my security is not started yet. and I asked when did they check my application last time. and then agent said June 6, last week. that means GU June 6? or not?

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