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The most affordable university from Canada!!!

Discussion in 'International Students' started by maaho326, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone ,
    I hope this post finds everyone fine.
    I had done my BS(Hons) in compute science with 70% marks n i want to do MS in computer science from Canada.Can anyone guide me which one is the most affordable university in Canada so that i would be very thankful to him
  2. Apply public universities-They have good admission scholarships and others that are renewable each semester year.
    Am not vey sure but someone once states here that public UNIS/COL in SAKATCHEWAN are more affordable than else where.

    Hope you find this helpful
  3. Hey buddy... Go 4 University of Regina or Memorial University... All d best
  4. University of Alberta is also not that expensive but the cheapest ones are in Saskatchewan.
  5. u should go for uni of regina, saskatchewan.
  6. Are the weather conditions in Saskatchewan too harsh ?

    What abt the University of Victoria... that's also quite affordable .. isnt it ?
  7. And wat abt the status of jobs in saskatchewan ? both part time and full time..
  8. If something is less expensive, it means you have to sacrifice for other stuff. For example; If you select affordable university to study; then you will have to compromise over availability of jobs and suitable weather. If you select universities from Toronto, price of study would be very high but on the other side job options would be on better side and traveling from your home country to Canada and back to home country would be easy. Definitely you wouldn't get direct flight to Regina. It takes about 2.5 hours further flight from Toronto to Regina with a reasonable stay at Toronto airport after 14 Hours long direct flight from Islamabad. After all you want to knock your fortune. 8) Never mind

    The best way to search for university is to go on the sites/portal of each state/province of Canada. Look out their state nomination programs for permanent residence and search out for study based permanent residency options. After all who like to come back ;D. There you will find the names of Colleges/Institutes/Universities. I recommend you to choose from them. Because after completing your course from those institutes, you may be eligible directly for Permanent residence.

    As mentioned by other fellows earlier, the province of Saskatchewan has two Universities i.e. University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan. Both are very affordable. If you have any experience to explore the fees in foreign universities then you will find out these universities amazing. But keep in mind that there admission process and response could be hard experience for you; simply to say 'It is sophisticated and lengthy'. But on the other side, if you complete your course from either of them; you would be eligible for Saskatchewan Permanent Residence through education stream. ;D
  9. Thanks alot rizkhokar... I'll definitely look into it... and could u tell a bit abt studying at the uni of victoria ?
  10. I know about M.Eng, 1 term fees is 2000 Almost (not including health and dental olny for the first term of the year), Hostel fees very's from 450 to 600 for Grad students.

    Would let you know more once I go there (that is if I ever get my Visa on time).
  11. maan I dont think memorial uni is the most affordable one, I myself got admission in master of engg. management but the cost of this program is $22000cad. I cant afford that much.

    Even on their website their tution fee is very low. Totally disappointed :(
    duration of my program is from jan 2012 to april 2013.
  12. but the cost of living is lowest in Newfounland and that makes a huge difference.

    Even the PR program of Newfoundland is packed with very attractive terms. Yes, I admit its a place with high unemployment rate !
  13. @enfield

    as far I know PNP program of Newfoundland is not that good as compared Saskatchewan.

    Even Ontario is better than Newfoundland in terms of PNP, but living cost is high.
  14. 1. Manitoba PR- the most attractive and the best of all ! (They are running one program for Master Graduates in which you can apply without job offer)

    2. Ontario PR - the toughest one to crack in Canada !

    3. Alberta PR - Its reasonably good, but it become highly attractive due to large number of job opening (its the most booming economic hub of Canada)

    4. British Columbia PR - Its excellent for Doctors, Nurses and all others working in Medical field.(only for main jobs). With Master degree in hand, you can get PR even without a "job offer"

    5. Quebec PR - Easy Cakewalk if you know "French". (You can apply for PR even before completing your graduation). No requirement of Job offer

    6. Saskatchewan/Newfounland/NB/Yukun PR - they are trying to make it "more attractive" but the fact is they are facing high unemployment rate couple with less job oppurtunities.

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