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status of child in canada born to illegal or person as visitor

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by gakkusandhu, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. They do send people back who can not show that they have the means to financially take care of their needs while in Canada. If a woman were to arrive visibly pregnant and can not show that she is insured for or has the money to pay for her hospital bills if she gives birth while in Canada, I suppose they would have the right to send her back. I have no idea if there is a policy regarding that.
  2. Hi

    Yes, if they can't support themselves in Canada, then they would be refused admission.

    39. A foreign national is inadmissible for financial reasons if they are or will be unable or unwilling to support themself or any other person who is dependent on them, and have not satisfied an officer that adequate arrangements for care and support, other than those that involve social assistance, have been made.
  3. Hey Scylla,

    Are you sure that a baby born to a tourist in Canada becomes a Canadian Citizen automatically?

    I thought with the new Law the child is not a citizen until he's 18 Years old

    Can you please check this link (couldn't post.. just copy the link), scroll down to "Who did not become a citizen under the new law", point number 2


    Please clarify : D.. thank you in advance
  4. Hi

    Anyone born in Canada is a Canadian citizen, unless their parents were diplomats.
  5. The page you link to only refers to people who did not become a citizen under the new law.

    You can find the citizenship act at http://laws.justice.gc.ca/eng/C-29/20110228/page-1.html?rp2=HOME&rp3=SI&rp4=all&rp5=Citizenship%20Act&rp9=cs&rp10=L&rp13=50 and it states that babies born in Canada are Canadian citizens. There is only one exception and that is if one or both parents are foreign diplomats and neither parent is a Canadian citizen or PR.

    The baby gets Canadian citizenship right away but the status of the baby will not change anything for the status of the parents. Their visa will still expire, they must still qualify if they want to apply for immigration or work permit etc. Having a Canadian baby will not change anything for the parents. Once the child is 18 years old though, if he or she is living in Canada and making enough money, they can apply to sponsor their parents.

  6. Much appreciation for the clarification Leon
  7. Leon and PMM are incorrect in this matter. They forgot to read the rest of the Canadian Citizen Act.

    Section 3 Paragraph 1 does state that a child born in Canada, is automatically a Canadian citizen but if you continue reading the act,

    Section 3, paragraph 2. Specifically address children born to parent that are not citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

    (2) Paragraph (1)(a) does not apply to a person if, at the time of his birth, neither of his parents was a citizen or lawfully admitted to Canada for permanent residence and either of his parents was

    (a) a diplomatic or consular officer or other representative or employee in Canada of a foreign government;

    (b) an employee in the service of a person referred to in paragraph (a); or

    (c) an officer or employee in Canada of a specialized agency of the United Nations or an officer or employee in Canada of any other international organization to whom there are granted, by or under any Act of Parliament, diplomatic privileges and immunities certified by the Minister of Foreign Affairs to be equivalent to those granted to a person or persons referred to in paragraph (a).

    @ Leon, before you start quoting a Canadian Act and giving advice to people, you should know your facts!
  8. Hi

    Maybe you should read the citizenship manual? http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/manuals/cp/cp09-eng.pdf

    7.2. Citizenship by birth on soil – A3(1)(a)Citizenship by birth on soil – jus soli
    Citizen’s date of birth: after February 14, 1977

    This paragraph applies to individuals born in Canada. In most cases, a person born in Canada is automatically a Canadian citizen at birth.

    Note: According to the Interpretation Act, “Canada” includes the “internal waters of Canada and the territorial sea of Canada”. “Internal waters” is further defined as "the internal waters of Canada as
    determined under the Oceans Act and includes the airspace above and the bed and subsoil below those waters”. As such, children born in Canadian airspace, whether over Canadian waters or
    over Canadian land, are considered born in Canada, as are children born in Canadian waters.

    The interpretive clause in A2(2)(a) of the Citizenship Act is to be used only when a child is born outside of Canada. Any application based on birth in Canadian airspace or water should be
    referred to OMC (nat-cit-operations@cic.gc.ca) for consultation with Legal Sevices.

    7.3. Exception to birth on soil – A3(2)

    A child born in Canada to an accredited foreign diplomat is not Canadian at birth unless the other
    parent is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident at the time of the child’s birth
    (see subsection
    3(2) of the Act).
  9. Hello? What PMM and I both said is that there is an exception when one or both parents are diplomats and neither parent is a citizen or PR. You are quoting exactly what we both said. The OP asked if the child of visitors born in Canada will be a citizen and so it is.
  10. Hi experts,

    I heard new c24 bill is passed but not yet implemented. Is it true? When this is going to be a law.

    According to c24, the child will not be a citizen if none of them is citizen nor permanent resident or employed in Canada.

    Can anybody confirm a child born in Canada to a visiting couple will get Canadian citizenship? None of them is citizen nor permanent resident or employed in Canada. They are just a visitor.

  11. It is supposed to take effect some time in the summer. However, they did not change birthright citizenship. You can see here what has changed: http://news.gc.ca/web/article-en.do?mthd=index&crtr.page=1&nid=863489
  12. Not every ones parents are diplomat or working in UNO or special missionary. So for the mass population except the exception above any child born in Canada, US or UK are citizen of that born country. We have seen this for ages. PERIOD
  13. Not in the UK any more. They changed that in 1983. Children born in the UK in 1983 or later only gained citizenship if at least one parent is a UK citizen or settled person (PR).
  14. However on basis of humanity, Citizenship and Immigration Canada may or may not grant the parent temporary status so s/he can stay here to take care of the baby until the baby is old enough to obtain travel document to return to the country where the parent(s) come from. Usually this visa is short.

    A canadian baby does not change anything for the parents but $$$$ spent.
  15. Hi Leon,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback. I spoke the visitor. They are not interested in any claim of citizenship for their own. They just want the kid citizenship only.

    As per you reply the kid will get it. True?


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