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Sponsoring husband from Morocco

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Penny, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. HI Everyone just stopped by to tell u that the waiting and the hassle worth it. its great to be with ur partner here in canada after all ,Especially BC cus its a great province with great opportunities and a good quality of life from good quality infrastructure to good quality weed lol.peace and good luck everyone .
  2. Hi nourredine,

    It sounds like your file has been sent to Rabat (which should mean your wife was approved for sponsorship). Now they will process your file to decide if YOU are able to be sponsored. Your timeline officially begins once your file us sent to morocco...not sure the current processing time, likely around 9 months. So you are looking at November/December before they call you for an interview. At that time they will likely request any additional evidence or information they require.

    So for now, continue to collect evidence and keep building a solid foundation for your future!

    Good luck to you!
  3. Hello!
    My husband is in Morocco and I am in BC. Rabat received our application on March 31, 2011. On August 26, 2011, my husband received phone call and email from the visa office about his interview. He had to show up on September 12, 2011, for his interview. So be patient... it takes some months before you hear from them. All the best!
  4. Happy to know you love it here! A big sigh from my husband and I.
  5. locolynn ,Habibti , thank you so much your response :) so i have just wait and be paitent with that i hope everything is going well with all
  6. Pretty much! They will contact you if they need more info!

    Anyone know what Rabat's current processing time is?

  7. thanks locolynn , i hope that happen soon ..i have read in thier weebsite they says 8 months.. !!
  8. Yep, 8 months or less for 80% of files: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/perm/fc-spouses.asp. Good luck, nourredine :)
  9. Good luck Nourredine :D

    Processing starts from when they receive the application? They received my hubby's June 6th/11...interview was Jan. 19th/12...missing dates so another interview was scheduled Feb. 07th/12. On the website it says that they started processing on Jan. 19th. If they go by the time they received the application we are now a little over the 8months. They are so confusing. ???
  10. good luck too u fati :)
    i think they will call for ur hubby for get her visa soon i hope to hear a good news as soon as
  11. Thank you Noureddine.

    In shaa'Allah
  12. the only thing i can say to you nourredine is to be patient its all a waiting game but in the meantime collect proof as much as possible...msn conversations ...pictures...trips....phone calls....family conversations.....our file was processesd in may 2010 and my husband got the call for interview dec 2,2010....but some people got there visa after 4mths to 6mths without an interview you never know ......Insha Allah everything will work out .....

    Habibti have you heard anything new?
  13. thanks vjaml for advices
    fatimzahar why ur hasband missed the first interview?
  14. He didn't miss the 1st interview. He only had a 2nd interview because there was one date that was missing and one date not the same as the original application.

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