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need help to understand medical facilities in Toronto

Discussion in 'Health' started by kunalshah, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    My wife and I have received our PR stamps and have to move in by October 9th 2011. I have a few questions which I have put down below please try and answer.
    Both of us are under medical treatments for the past 1 n half yr to have a baby. We have undergone 6 IUIs until now, but unfortunately not been positive. My first question here is that till the time we fly down if my wife does become pregnant do we have to mention when we enter the country i.e. at the airport that she is pregnant? Second question is that what about the medical assistance once we are there for her, do we have to take an insurance, or card or something. What is the procedure for that? Also, is this free of cost, or paid by us. If you have had a baby and if it is payable then can u please guide approx how much is the expenditure of the medical assistance from the time of conception till delivery would be.

    Contrary to my first question, if we don't conceive until the time we get there, can we continue our treatments for IUI or IVF out there? Are you aware of any specialized hospitals that do it or is it any hospital? Also, is the cost borne by us or our insurance?
    This is a very important criteria for us as we really want to have a child as soon as possible.

    Also can one guide us with expenditures over growing a baby in Toronto.

    Thank you so much for you help and patience for answering my questions.
  2. It is not a problem if your wife is pregnant when you land. You don't have to tell anybody. Only if the baby is born before you land do you have to tell immigration and add the baby to your application.

    Your chosen province Ontario has a 3 month waiting period before you can get health care. During that time, you should have an emergency medical insurance to cover possible accidents or sudden illnesses. As long as you get your health coverage before the birth, you will not have to pay.

    Surely you can get IVF in Toronto. I found one clinic at http://www.ivfcanada.com/services/fees/general_fee_schedule.cfm and this is a direct link to their fee schedule so you can see the costs.
  3. Hi Leon,

    Thanks for the web link, I know this seems quite a trouble and since we are at the beginning phase of planning out of immigration there are so many questions to be answered. OHIP, that is what I have read on a few posts around. Can you tell me what is this and how does it happen also SIN? I have a letter stating that once I land, the stamp is given but we have to wait for approx 2 months to have our PR cards in hand, what are these other cards? How are they beneficial. Also, do we have to meet a doctor in a hospital or clinic nearby as soon as we land to open a case history with them? These are small questions but it really does help us to keep ourselves informed.

    Also, can my wife work if she is pregnant and till which month can she work out there?

    Thanks once again..
  4. After you land, you need to go to Service Canada and apply for your SIN (Social insurance number). This is a number you need to give your employer if you want to work. You get the number right away, the card in the post in a couple of weeks. You should not give it out to just anybody because it may be used to steal your identity. It is ok to give it to government and banks.

    OHIP is the health care in Ontario. You need to apply for your OHIP card at the OHIP office but they will not give you one anyway until you have been in ON for 3 months.

    Your wife can work while pregnant. Depending on what kind of a job she is looking for, if she is visibly pregnant, an employer may not feel that it is worth his while to employ and train her for only a couple of months work. If she manages to work 600 hours before she goes on maternity leave, she would qualify for employment insurance money during her maternity leave, 55% of her wages. She can take 15 weeks of mat. leave and then there are 35 weeks of parental leave total that you can split between the two of you or she can take it all if that is better.
  5. A bit more information...

    OHIP (health care in Ontario) will not cover many of the costs associated with IUI/IVF. If you end up working for a company that has an additional group insurance policy, some of these costs MAY be covered by that plan (but there are no guarantees).

    Good luck with your planning!
  6. Hello,
    Yes, I agree that OHIP does not cover IVF. There is a IVF clinic at Toronto General Hospital. They use to be called the Reproductive Biology Unit, Im not sure if it has changed. I did a practicum there when I was a student.

    Yes, you will need to contact a doctor immediately when you come to Canada. There is a uninsured health clinic somewhere in Ontario that operates only 1 or 2 days a week. You wife may be able to get some treatment from there (sorry I dont know the name). Another organization you may want to contact is 1) womens health in womens hand - they may be able to refer your wife to services and also Access Alliance Multicultural Health Centre - they are focused on health of immigrants. Also, once you come to Canada, call the Toronto Health Connection line. It is operated by nurses at Toronto Public Health Nurses of the City of Toronto 416 338 7600.

    Hope this helps you and I wish you the best of luck.
  7. The only thing I'd add is IVF treatments are not covered by OHIP, they are privately paid and a personal friend did this and said it's approx 10k++ per treatment, so it can be definitely a financial burden to many people.
  8. Hey all of you thank you so much for the replies this is really valuable. Some more questions. I suppose after I complete 3 months or 6 months or 153 days of stay I can apply for the OHIP. Now the question here is how many days do I have to stay to apply for OHIP, when to apply for OHIP, how long does it take for the OHIP to come through. Also, once the OHIP comes how long is that valid for? does it have a time span like 1 year or 6 months? or till I use that OHIP? and is there a limit as well on the OHIP for instance CAD$ 1000? I know these are basic questions but really thanks for your help. Is there a link which can help us for what all the OHIP covers and the procedure for applying like a form and stuff.

    Thank you all!>.
  9. Good questions,

    You should apply for OHIP within the first month or two of getting to Canada. However, OHIP will not send your card until around 1 week to 2 days before the 3 month time (when you officially qualify). So, what I mean is that, do not wait, just apply when you get here.

    OHIP is valid for I think 4 years of 5 years. After, you will need to renew it. You just have to take a picture and a form. Your OHIP numerical number does not change. What changes is the last 2 alphabeth letters at the end of your OHIP.

    There is no limit on the amount that is covered by OHIP so far its an insured service. Some services are not insured, hence it will not be covered, e.g. dentist, opthamologist (for adults, excluding seniors), getting a private room in a hospital (unless recommended by the hospital for infection control or a related reason), medication (unless those you use while you are admitted to the hospital), completing forms (e.g. for employment purpose). Also, most services outside a hospital setting that are: not delivered by Physician, not delivered by a community health centre, not delivered by a public health unit, or by a community care access centre, ARE NOT COVERED.

    For your last question, I actually dont know the website but perhaps someone else will know.
  10. OHIP information can be found on the Ontario Ministry of Health site:

  11. hey all,
    sorry for the delayed reply. The website states that only after 153days of presence will we get our OHIP. My next question is that I have to come back in the month of August. But is it possible that my wife stays behind and completes 153 days of her stay then she gets her OHIP and if once I come back my term will restart if I am not wrong????? I am the primary applicant.

  12. FWIW Medical services in different provinces
  13. Hello Kunna...,
    Yes, you can do that. Even, you can apply for the health card before you leave Canada. This way, by the time you get to Canada, they would have sent you the health card and you would not have to wait for another days.
  14. You only have to live in ON for 3 months to get your OHIP card but the 153 days in 6 months is your residency obligation for your first 6 months to keep your OHIP and after that I think 183 days each year.

    The make these rules because they do not want people to apply for OHIP and then go back to homeland and just come back once they are covered or stay outside Canada as much as they want to and come back with their OHIP card whenever they need something. The question is if they would know that you were gone to take your OHIP away. I do not know if they have the resources to check on that.

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