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minimum bank statement required for student visa from Pakistan?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by complexcanada, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. you need to show 1 year tuition fee + 1 year living expenses not two years tuition fee.............
    you can also use cic calculatore for this available at cic web...........
    if u confused message me.........
  2. okay..thnx brother :)
  3. @PMM and Umair81………… First of all congrats to both of you on getting the visa ……. I want to ask you people some questions……… Kindly tell me the bank statement I mentioned is enough (19 lac PKR)……….. in my offer letter it says that the estimated tuition fees is from $16000 to $32000 CAD for a year…..

    @Umair81……. As you have applied for PR too and got the visa so can you kindly send me SOP you wrote because I want to get the idea……. My family has also applied for PR which is under process and I don’t want to miss my student visa ………….It would be a great help for me……

    my id is assasins86@yahoo.com
  4. Umair81:

    Please provide us some reference letter of yours about SOP so we will get better idea for Statement of Purpose(SOP)...

    Thanks for your co-operation,

    Best Regards,
    Mohsin Raza
  5. dear all,
    Please how much do you need to show if you are married and with four kids? is there a chance of bieng rejected simply because one is adding ones family as dependant
  6. @complexcanada
    dont write ur family members's has applied for visa it can reduce u chances to get student VISA i know several people did it and successeded.

    If u write then Visa officer can think whole family is planning to sattle in Canada.

    For better result consult to a good consultant.

    Beast Regards,
  7. hey guys! how much funds would i have to show? as in my acceptance letter the total fee's are like this:
    Tuition $11,000
    Meal, accommodations $7,500
    Fee's (health plan and different pass's) $1,500

    Total$ 20,000 CAD

    would i still have to add the $10,000 to that?

    sorry.. im a bit confused..
  8. ur total fee for one year is =20,000 CAD

    u have to show in ur bank statement more than 20,000
    bcz ur application covers the air ticket expneses also,

    check this link
  9. Dear members,


    I got admission in MASc in Control Systems in Simon Fraser Univesity for January 2011 session. The total tuition fees for one year is 4800CAD. Do I need to show funds for one year or two year because its a 2 yr prog. ?

    For 1 yr, total amount to show = 4800 CAD + 10,000 CAD + 3000 CAD = 17,800 CAD.....Am I right? And for how long this amount should be in the bank? Actually we are going to sell some property to arrange the money so tell me is it okay to deposit the money now or should it be there for 2-3 months?

    And what is the processing time of Canadian Student Visa? If I apply in late September 2010, when will I get it? Should I apply on my own or better to contact an agent?

    Please do reply as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.
  10. any one know how long u need to have the money in the account?
  11. @ Brainwave
    Hie, I am too aplying for canadian uni. I wanted to apply for Simon Fraser University for Mba bt than they required extensive work experience. are they offering any business diploma?
  12. @ Umair81
    I am too aplying for canadian student visa.. Can u plz share me ur SOP for just an idea?? Please !!
  13. Hie,
    Can anyone help me with teh following queries:
    How much time does it take in an embassy to get Canadian student visa??
    Secondly, being a female, how can I convince the embassy officer that I am a bonafide student and will leave Canada after my studies??
    What sort of strong ties they mean??

    Any reply will be highly appreciated !!
  14. Can anyone tell me that after completing 1 year MS from Canadian University , are we eligiible to apply for PR while living in canada?

  15. There is no discrimination on the basis of gender. so relax

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